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How to Make Some Instant Cash By Selling Your Car with the MOT

The MOT, or Ministry of Transport, conduct regular tests on cars to ensure that they meet and maintain the standards of road safety as well as passenger safety. If you are looking to sell your car with a MOT and are doing your best to ensure that you get the full sum of its value, there are a few things that you can do to be sure that the amount for which you sell your car will be satisfying to you. Let us examine a few tips that can help you make some cash by selling your used car.

Showcase the Ride

Everyone knows that the better a car looks, the more willing a buyer will be to pay more for it. Before selling your car, examine it closely to determine whether or not it has any cosmetic flaws that you can easily fix. This means cleaning your car thoroughly to make it as close in appearance to new as possible. Be sure to thoroughly clean the inside as well as the outside of your car, removing any stains from the seats and any odors from inside. You should even consider cosmetically cleaning under the hood to make your engine look nice and new. Consider taking your used car to a local detailing service, where your car can be cleaned professionally to look brand new.

Fix What Makes Financial Sense

Any repairs that you can afford to make without significantly decreasing your overall profit on the car would be wise to consider. If your car has minor dents or scratches, consider having it touched up and having the dents removed somewhere that would not require you to replace actual parts. Any small repairs that could potentially decrease the value of your car and the profit that you could make on it otherwise are worth having fixed. If there are major repairs that your car needs in order to make selling it worthwhile, you should keep the documentation of those repairs for the sake of reassuring the buyer that those aspects of the car have been restored to optimum condition.

Know What It’s Really Worth

Understanding the true value of your car and acknowledging the reality of its worth is paramount to the success of your sale. If you know that your car has a few minor flaws, you should either have them fixed before selling the vehicle or make them known the buyer before the purchase. Selling someone a used car without making them fully aware of its problems can prove to be a liability and discouraging to a sale. Knowing exactly what your car is worth based in its make, model, age, and condition will help to ensure that you have greater success selling your car for its true value.

Decide Whether to Trade or Sell It

Many people are aware that you will be more likely to make a greater profit selling your used car to an individual buyer than you would trading it in to a car dealership. Anytime that you sell your car to a dealer, he will be looking to purchase the vehicle for as little as possible to allow himself leeway to refurbish it before he sells it on. And that’s in addition to the overall profit that he is trying to make on it. But if you want to sell your car conveniently and without having to wait, feel free to take it to a dealer who can have it off your hands in one afternoon. If, however, you are motivated strictly by profit, you would probably be better off selling your used car to an individual buyer. Another option is to contact an organization who has a network of buyers who can compare prices and find you the highest quote for your car.