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The Magic Of Six Word Memoir Learning

Are you aware of the six word memoir? If not then here is some light on this cool concept of learning. This started off all as a part of the challenge put before Ernst Hemmingway, and when he succeeded in the challenge of expressing his novel is just six words it was taken up by the world. This jaw dropping event managed to get the attention all over and soon the smith’s magazine started a new range of their own six word memoir, publishing the story of celebrities. Later the smith magazine gave this concept even higher popularity when they invited the teen reader to come up with their six word memoirs, which could be their story. Thousands of teen came up with their fabulous story and the concept went on rolling.

The transformation of six word memoir

This concept gave the world a very creative and unique way of promoting creative writing in students. Opening the windows of the creative skill like the new angle of viewing the world made the students young visionaries. Compelling them to write out their heart out in that minimum limit brought up a complete new side of the students. It brought the creative and skilled part of the students.

Learning with teachers and parents

This product six word memoir is an interactive session of learning. Here the students are guided through the set of test and writing assignments, which promote the sense of uniqueness in them. They see things with much depth and weave their ideas in such a manner that their words have got depth of their feeling as well as the description of their ideas.The session includes teachers so that the students could be having a guiding soul. Developing this skill of personal writing will give students new wig s to express themselves. This is very necessary to mould your feeling and ideas and give them shape with proper words. There are 24 work book pages provided for the student in every product to write and give direction to his ideas. They are for his practise sessions, for his creativity to come out on pages.

It’s not that this six word memoir is limited to the word weaving, but this also covers new dimensions like the photographic representation. The product comes with a camera too so that students could be taking help of pictures to say out their feeling and thoughts.