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Lucid Dreaming- Some Misconceptions And How You Can Actually Have It

Lucid dreaming is something that people go through during their sleep, and they are well aware about the fact that the events they are visualising is nothing but a mere dream. This really strange feeling and acknowledgement of brain is counted as lucid dreaming, but wait do not confuse it with dream control. Yes a big population never realises the difference between the dream control and the lucid dreaming, this especially happens in the case of lucid dreaming for beginners. Dream control according to the definition may be either conscious or non-conscious, but a dream turns out to be lucid, only after you control it. In the dream control you have believe in some supernatural power that you play with in your plotted dream.

Some misconceptions regarding lucid dreaming

Before proceeding further, let’s brush off some other major misconceptions regarding the lucid dreaming. Many people believe that dreams have got hidden messages in them which somehow cast impact on our lives. Basically these messages are for a better living, but with lucid dreaming it is said that people lose the ability to grasp such messages. Be sure that if someone had a lucid dream, then he does not lose any such information as his brain is completely aware of what is happening in his dream. Your mind stores a part of the data and keeps it for your references. Next, people count lucid dreaming as some sort of dark magic that involves spirits. But to the best of information available, nothing such is believed by science. They are nothing but religious myths.

Now the question is how to have the lucid dreams?

Nothing big, it’s pretty simple to learn the tricks of lucid dreaming. First of all you got to do is ask your self during the day that “are you dreaming”. Keep this repeating during day, and give it some practice. The practice will make you automatically do it in your dreams too. Next you got to have a dream journal. Yes dream journal is something where you write down your dreams soon after you wake up from one. Try keeping the journal close to your bed and make sure you make an entry as soon as you get up. This will help you identify your common elements of your dream and you can easily figure them out in your dream.

Now you should be knowing that the best time to have a lucid dream is during a nap taken after few hours of wakening. You should also be developing a habit of reality check, as this will help you get more conscious and bring you closer to your lucid dreams.