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Are You Looking For Part Time Motor Traders Insurance Cover?

If you deal in buying and selling or repairing vehicles on a part time basis, then it is imperative that you opt for a cover as per your insurance needs.

You will find part time traders insurance coverage in the market, which is certainly a great insurance cover for your motor trade business. Moreover, you will be able to find quotations online or can call the company representatives to talk through your insurance needs in details.

Are you certain about what type of policy you require? Experts can definitely help you get the right policy for your part time motor trade business and that also at the right price.

Who Requires Part Time Traders Insurance Cover?

Are you looking a cover for part time traders? If your primary work is another business or trade, but you sell or service cars for supplementary income, then you must consider opting for a part time traders insurance cover.

As a part time trader, you must prove to the company that you are working within the motor trade. Insurers out there are likely to ask for receipts to show the sale and purchase of cars, or if you have been working in repairs, for receipt of purchased auto parts, for instance.

You will have to demonstrate that you are purchasing and selling repairing/servicing a minimum number of automobiles to be eligible for motor trade insurance. Insurers generally have their own criteria – and the best option is to get in touch with a professional service to discuss how you actually trade and how you should be covered.

In case you are not actively trading in automobiles or even involved in repairing/servicing them, you may consider opting for private vehicle insurance instead. Most of the part time traders will prefer taking out road risks insurance.

Have You Heard of Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance Cover?

Road risk insurance basically covers you to drive cars that you do not own in order to execute your business. This kind of insurance does not cover vehicle loss or damage to them as they are at the business premises already.

That is why this sort of insurance cover is just perfect for most part time traders who work from home, as most of the insurers will not classify their location as business premises. If you consider obtaining cover for vehicles repaired or stored in separate business premises, you could consider having traders combined insurance.