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Looking For The Best Houston DWI Lawyer? Meet Atty. Jim Butler

There are a lot of good lawyers in Houston. The question is, how do you know the most trusted one? It is challenging to trust these days. Another thing is that you can’t find a lawyer with experience and passion. These two important qualities as a professional defense. So if you are facing DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges know your lawyer first before trusting him your life.

Jim Butler

Jim Butler is one of the most trusted local lawyers in Houston. A local lawyer knows the city very well and has reliable connections who can help you. Plus, he has been doing criminal defense for more than 20 years. Clients from all over the country know he can handle DUI cases well. Jim’s cases are 100% DWI because he is devoted to these types of cases. He believes that taking other criminal cases would distract him from his expertise.

If you want to know more about how Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC works, this article is for you. Plus, get to know how he manages the firm and how you can win DWI or DUI cases.

The Butler Law Firm

The Butler Law Firm started the year 1992. Defending your DWI charges is their top priority. They are awarded as the Best Business of 2018 because of their expertise. Behind all these recognition are the two foundations of the firm, Jim Butler and his assistant Christin Rycroft.

Christin Rycroft is the office manager and legal assistant of The Butler Law Firm. Don’t underestimate her sweet looks. She’s a graduate of Bachelor in Communication from Texas A&M University. Handling criminal cases is not new to her. The courtroom witnesses her passion for helping others as she grows up. She’ll be your legal assistant and a good friend when times are tough.

What is a Blood Alcohol Test?

Did the officer in charge request for a Blood and Breath Test? It is best to know what is it and how it works. The reason – they might charge you even if you’re innocent if you don’t have any idea what to proceed. BAC is an acronym for Blood Alcohol Concentration. They will use a needle to take a blood sample from your arm. After that, they will measure the level of alcohol present in your body.

If you have a BAC result of .10 means that your bloodstream is composed of .1% alcohol. You should not exceed to .080 BAC if you to get away with DUI charges. The higher the BAC, the more alcohol is present in your body. It will affect how you drive and control things.

How to win a DWI or DUI case?

So with all these credentials, how can you win your DWI or DUI case? The answer is getting a competent lawyer to do the job for you. Jim Butler helped hundreds of clients to avoid jail time. Plus, getting away with all the fines associated with these charges. He uses up-to-date tools and methods to win your DWI evaluation. Are you scared of the sobriety test? There is a way on how you can pass it legally. 

Your first 15 days of being arrested are the most crucial times. The reason – you need to set up an ALR Hearing Request in Texas before your license suspension happens. ALR means Administrative License Revocation. It is important to choose your lawyer wisely to represent you at this hearing because there are many rules and legal procedures that must be followed strictly. So call The Butler Law Firm now and get a FREE case evaluation today.