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What to Look For in a Corporate Healthcare Provider

Running a company in these difficult financial times means setting up every aspect of the business to be cost effective. This includes making sure your corporate healthcare provider is offering you the best deal on a healthcare package that you’ve had tailored to suit your company’s needs. Making sure your employees are covered is essential so you have the peace of mind they will receive the best medical care as early as possible whenever they need it. What to look for in a corporate healthcare provider means sitting down and doing a little research before signing on the dotted line.

Having peace of mind is essential when it comes to healthcare in the workplace

Do Your Research before Signing on the Dotted Line

You need to sit down and work out just what you need in the way of corporate healthcare before contacting a provider. Once you have established what is needed, the companies you contact have to be able to tailor a healthcare package to suit your company’s requirements. Any healthcare provider should listen to your needs and have the necessary experience and background to advise you on how to put together a healthcare package to ensure your employees are covered for all medical eventualities.

Check Out the Company’s Reputation

It goes without saying you need to check out a provider’s reputation which you can do by reading some independent reviews. If you’re happy the company is well established and has built up a solid client base and reputation, the next step is to see what kind of standard healthcare packages they have already set in place for their corporate clients.

Do They Offer a Fully Insured Package?

A well-established company would have several packages in place which should include a “Fully Insured “arrangement that guarantees a no risk option for your company which is reflected in the premium you pay. A Fully Insured arrangement offers total peace of mind and means you know from the word go the amount paid per member of staff is set at an agreed level for the period of the contract. A Fully Insured package also protects you from any high claims that might be made against your company.

Ensuring your staff are covered for all medical emergencies offers peace of mind

Are You Looking For a More Affordable Option?

If you are looking for a more affordable option and one which allows you to choose what you consider to be an appropriate risk level for your company, you would need to discuss your requirements with the provider. You may find they offer certain healthcare packages which are tailored to suit smaller corporate businesses and which would suit the type of healthcare cover your business might need. However, your total liability will be limited which is something you need to bear in mind.

Have You Considered a Corporate Deductible Option?

There is an option called Corporate Deductible which was introduced in 2012 and which allows companies the choice to take out a much larger “corporate excess”. This in turn translates to significant annual savings on healthcare plans. The plan can be organised on two levels which are based on the claims fund. A well-established company that provides healthcare cover would be able to advise whether this type of insurance would in fact be suitable for your company to take out.


Setting the right level of corporate healthcare cover for your company offers you peace of mind. However, you need a provider who boasts a level of expertise that’s second to none and who offers a range of services that includes a full commercial service to meet all your business needs. You need to ensure you know just what sort of healthcare cover you need to have in place before contacting a reputable and well established provider to discuss putting together a package that’s both affordable and effective.