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What To Look For When Buying a Mobility Scooter

Whilst we all wish to be as mobile as possible as we approach old age, this will not always be the case for some of us. This may be due to weight issues, injuries or other medical issues which may, perhaps, leave us breathless if we move around too much on our own.

Whilst we may learn how to cope with this lack of mobility in our own homes, the problem increases when we wish to leave home, perhaps to visit a local shop for example. Even a short trip of a few hundred yards can feel like a major obstacle for some.

Mobility Scooters

An increasingly popular choice of equipment to help us to get around is the mobility scooter. These are fast becoming a common site on the high streets and whilst some may complain about them getting in their way as they walk down the street, they are forgetting that, for the user, the scooter means the difference between them being completely isolated in their own home rather than being able to be a part of a wider community.

As well as offering access to an outside world, with the additional mental health benefits that this can bring, these scooters also enable their users to carry out everyday tasks such as shopping or a visit to the doctor. Without the use of a mobility scooter they would be heavily dependent on others or have to pay expensive taxi fares which many would simply not be able to afford.

What to Look for in a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes. Some though, whilst being cheap, may also be potentially dangerous with a serious lack of stability. One of the most common causes of injuries to users of these scooters is caused by them tipping over when on slopes or through potholes in the road.

It is worth spending some time researching which type of scooter is best for your needs. This will depend on how far you expect to be travelling using one. Stability though should be a key factor in your purchase and many such as those supplied by Quingo Scooters now have 5 wheels, rather than four, which gives a significant level of stability.

Another factor of course is comfort. If you are expecting to spend a significant amount of time in the scooter, then it is only natural that you will want to feel as comfortable as possible. Whilst it may be tempting to focus on the comfort factor though, care should be taken that this is not at the expense of weight distribution. If the bodyweight of the user is not distributed appropriately, even though it may feel comfortable, this may cause the scooter to become unstable in certain situations such as when approaching a kerb.

Reliable Companies

As with most products, where there is a growing market, there will be new companies coming on board all of the time with special offers and deals which may be tempting to the buyer. It should be remembered though that a scooter is not a luxury toy but will be a key part of your everyday life and it is therefore advisable to purchase your mobility scooter from a well-established and reliable supplier such as Quingo Scooters of Luton.