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A Live Receptionist versus an Automated Machine? No Contest!

How many times have you been frustrated after having to deal with an automated answering machine that took you around in circles or never really offered you the option that you needed? A live receptionist is definitely the preferred method of taking care of your needs.

This is true of your clients as well. Surely you want to leave the best impression with your current or future clients.  This is where a receptionist service might come to your rescue. Instead of having to deal with the hiring and training of the person to represent your company, a receptionist service can take care of all that for you. They are sure to have someone available to answer your phone who will leave a good impression with their personable and professional attitude.

Everyone likes to hear a pleasant voice on the other end of the line and to be able to talk to someone who will listen to their inquiries and then direct them in the right direction. A good first impression is a great asset to any company.

They will follow your directives as to whether to take messages or to relay the important ones right to you. What if you are out of the office? Your client does not need to know that. A live receptionist can easily transfer them to your cell phone wherever you are.  They can route your calls to voicemail, or another number, or another extension.  That would make your life whole lot easier.

There are many other items that they can take care of for you such as scheduling appointments. Then they can send the details directly to your calendar in Outlook, Google or Apple. What about booking a car service to the airport or a convention center?  They can do that. They can also set up a conference call for you, if that is what you need.

You do not want to miss that important call. Take advantage of a live receptionist without all the hassles of having to hire and train an employee.

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