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Lighting Solution After The Phase Out Of Incandescent Bulbs

The invention of the light bulb hasn’t really changed dramatically since the original design by Thomas Edison, but there have been some modifications that allow for people to save more energy for an affordable cost. In this article we are going to talk about the ban of incandescent bulbs and how they are being banned from use in some countries and what solutions you can find to be the best alternatives now that this is happening.

Starting January 1st of 2014 the manufacturing of 40w and 60w incandescent bulbs is going to be prohibited. This means that if you are reading this article this is already happening. What that means is that no one will be able to import, export or sale these kind of bulbs in the Unites States anymore. This is something that has already started to concern many people and it has them looking for alternatives that are practical and also help them save more energy in the process. The reason for the ban is that incandescent bulbs only have about 10% of their energy turned into light and the rest is gone with heat and this is why it’s not worth having them around when there are so many new options now.

Lighting EVER is here to guide you some alternatives, so that you can purchase the best options available for your home. There are currently 3 main types of light bulbs available in the market. You have the compact fluorescent bulbs, the halogen bulbs and the LED bulbs. They are all more expensive than the incandescent light bulb but this is possibly the only bad news in that regard. The good news is that they last much longer and their energy consumption is lower in most cases. This means that they are a better investment in the long run than what you would get from your incandescent bulbs.

There are also some individual drawbacks for each one of them. For example the compact fluorescent bulb has very small amounts of mercury in it, so if you break one of them you should be careful that you dispose of it immediately to avoid any mercury to be released into the air. The halogen lights tend to get extremely hot and they have been known to be the cause of fires from time to time especially when they are located near anything flammable. The only real problem with the LED bulbs is that they are the most expensive of the 3, but aside from that they are quite safe for any kind of use.

They are quite a few great options that are 60w incandescent light bulbs equivalent and can replace the traditional bulbs, such as the eco-friendly, no UV, no lead or mercury A-style led bulbs. Just ask them which kind of bulb is more fitting for the amount of use you will give to them and also the kind of lighting you require. Just remember that the newer bulbs are not being measures in watts but instead in lumens and it’s important to understand the differences so don’t forget to ask someone who has enough knowledge on the subject.

Now that you now all the different options that are available, you can make a much more informed decision in regards to the kind of purchase you want to make for your home or office. You need to make sure the amount of light is enough to allow people to see everything clearly but not so bright that it bothers their eyes.

There is also good quality of exit sign bulb available in the market. This type of bulb provides uniform letter illumination. They easily retrofits most incandescent exit sings in minutes which saves your money, not only in the cost of bulbs, but in the maintenance time for replacing those bulbs.