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What Could You Be Liable for as a Salon Owner?

A Salon offers a relaxing ambiance for their costumers to rejuvenate and improve their body’s appearance. There are three common types of salons, these are hair salons, day spas and tanning salons. Each type of salon offers different kinds of services. A hair salon provides various hair treatments such as perms, highlights and haircuts. A day spa, on the other hand, offers services for skin treatments such as facials, waxing, massages, and body scrubs. While a tanning salon is equipped with tools and services used for people to artificially change their skin color.

Each salon may offer different services for their costumers, however, they are all responsible for the same liabilities in case an accident occurs at their establishments. Salon Insure Quotes, is a company based in the United Kingdom, that can provide multiple quotes for insurance policies that can help resolve any problems involving liabilities and indemnities. A salon may be held responsible for product liability, public liability and employer’s liability.

Product Liability

Product Liability insurance is a must for all salons. It protects the business against any suit or losses that may be demanded by a third party injured in the process of applying a certain product or using a particular equipment while getting a beauty treatment done. This type of insurance may cover bodily injury or property damages. In case a person was physically injured, the insurance policy will be able to provide for the payment of medical costs and loss of earnings. Whenever a product causes the loss or damage of another’s property, the insurance company can pay for the value of the damaged property and the loss incurred for not being able to use said property.

Public Liability

This type of insurance is essentially needed by salons. It is responsible for protecting your clients and the public in case your company causes any damages. It covers for all legal expenses or compensation claims in order to keep your company’s credibility intact despite the unfortunate event. This insurance policy is perfect for protecting your company’s name and keep your clients from running away if ever an accident happens.

Employer’s Liability

Employer’s liability insurance is a good way to create a safe working environment for your beauty technicians. It is similar to that of public liability, however it focuses more on the company’s employees. It provides covers any legal claim a worker injured at work has over your company.

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