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What Kind of a Maui Attorney Do You Need?

Are you from Maui and you needed to hire an attorney? Whether you need an attorney for your business, or your personal life, it pays to know the different types of lawyers. These law practitioners differ in their area of discipline that makes them focus on a particular field of law, and dictates their career path. However, you can find a lawyer that practices in several legal areas, but many of them prefer to specialize. The law is a broad system that encompasses many different things that it would be impossible for one lawyer to effectively perform legal services across each different field of law, just like doctors who specializes in one body area, age group or type of ailment.

1.       Corporate Lawyer. A corporate lawyer is also called a business lawyer. Business law is quite vast, and lawyers would often deal with several areas of law including employment, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property. At times, business lawyers simply focus on the basic business legalities such as forming your company, while some are more encompassing and will provide service for different areas, like tax compliance and employment issues. Two types of business lawyer exist, one is a business transactional lawyer, who handles transactions within your company, and the other is a business litigation lawyer who handles your lawsuits.
2.       Family Lawyer. Family lawyers usually handle family issues like divorce, custody battles, inheritance, prenuptial agreements and others. Some focus on divorce, but many family lawyers cover all areas of family law.
3.       Bankruptcy Lawyer. These lawyers help individuals or companies file for bankruptcy to help them get out of debt. There are lawyers specializing in different types of bankruptcy. A Maui attorney can help you restructure your debts and get one more amenable payment schedule.
4.       Real Estate Lawyer. As the name implies, real estate lawyers assist clients with legal issues related to property or real estate. Like business lawyers, they can either be transactional or litigation lawyers. There are also differences between residential and commercial real estate with other types of property, so real estate attorneys focus only on one of these.
5.       Criminal Defense Lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer defends a client accused of committing a crime against prosecution by a government, aiming to reduce sentence or help them stay out of jail. They handle crimes ranging from small offenses like shoplifting to more serious cases such as assault, drug trafficking or even murder.
6.       Civil Rights Lawyer. A civil rights lawyer provides legal services with matters that pertain to civil rights, such as discrimination, police brutality, gay rights and other human rights violations.

There are many other types of lawyers around and if you are thinking of becoming one, you need to determine which area of law interests you the most. Each area requires years of training to master. If you are looking for a Maui attorney to hire, make sure he is in the right field. Aside from the right specialization, you must also consider his credentials and cost before hiring him.