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What Kind Of Effects Do Drugs And Alcohol Have On You


Alcohol is a drug with depressant effect, that also slows down the activity of the central nervous system and the brain. The alcohol is also used like an anxiolytic.With the administration of small doses in some social environment, the effects may be perceived as stimulant, and the drinker may be more talkative, excited, more confident and less restrained. Celine Dostaler DUI Lawyer Ottawa is here to provide you with legal assistance.


If thethe dose is increase the drinker is more confused with slurred speech, without balance and control and in some extreme cases it may lead to coma and death. These two sided effects (antidepressant and in small doses stimulant) are more visible two or three hours after you finish drinking. The dominant effect is the depressive effect and because of that the morning after is also dangerous for driving if you still have alcohol in your system, because you’re still agitated. Usually with this agitation the drinker continues to drink because of the depressant effect and it happens all over again in circle. And the drinker continues to have the same symptoms like confusion, shakiness, restlessness and fever.

Drinking alcohol while driving could influence you driving and put your life in danger because it’s causing difficulty in your motor skills, damaged vision, difficulty doing more tasks at once such as concentrating and receiving visual information. The alcohol can make you to feel more relaxed with the possibility to fall asleep on the wheel while driving, or in some cases to feel overly confident which will lead to some risks that in normal cases wouldn’t be existent.

Usually the drunk driver may think that they can drive in this state. But we previously have established that the alcohol has affected their vision. So that’s the alcohol talking and not what happens in normal circumstances when their brain isn’t intoxicated with alcohol.

Not also driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous but also driving under the influence of any kind of drugs. It doesn’t matter if it’s recreational or presribed drug.The  use of drugs or abuse of prescription drugs while driving can make you responsible for car accidents that affect yours and the life of others. Different drugs have different effect and can differently affect different people. And because of that drugged while driving is dangerous. The benzodiapines that are sedatives cause passivity and dizziness. The marijuana can lessen the equilibrium and coordination, and also slow the reaction time. Drivers who have consumed cocaine for example are very aggressive while driving.

However it’s extremely difficult to determine how drugs affect driving because every drug has specific effect and people sometimes tend to mix various drugs and sometimes with  alcohol. But it is also true that any kind of drug in any doses can affect the driver while driving. So as a result of that statement, some countries have zero-tolerance laws for driving while drugged. So if it’s proved with tests (with the presence of alcohol in the blood or urine) that a person drives under the influence they can be charged and convicted.

In conclusion if you’re aware that you are intoxicated don’t use your vehicle, but some public transportation.


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