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Keeping Business Data Safe

In the modern digital age, it’s vital for a company to take the time to ensure that they keep their data protected.  As well as it being a sensible logical move, it’s also – in the case of a lot of data – a legal obligation.  This, then, is a guide on how best to keep company (and client) data secure, written in association with UK Asset Protection.

Conduct an initial audit

Whether it’s actually carried out by you or by a specialist security firm, it’s vital that the company’s computer and data systems are given an initial audit to discover where any potential exploitable

areas might be so that they can be dealt with and secured as soon as is possible.

Ensure staff are in on the game

It’s vital for staff to play a part in company security, as they’re the ones who will actually be dealing with the data.  As such, they represent the front line of defence in terms of company security.  Ensure that everyone who works in the office maintains a genuine vigilance as to potential risks, and makes an effort to ensure that human error is kept to a minimum.

Use strong passwords

It’s amazing that in an age of almost ubiquitous digital technology, some people still make the fatal error of using cliched passwords such as ‘abc123’ and ‘password’ (yes, the latter really does still happen!).  It’s important to ensure that passwords are strong and use multiple different characters.  All of the passwords can then be kept in a file away from any shared folders so that they can be referred to later on.

Encrypt data

Encrypting data is a genuinely effective security technique, and one worth investing time into.  This is because data that’s encrypted – even if it’s stolen – won’t be easy to access, and anyone that doesn’t have a substantial amount of skill in hacking won’t be able to access it.  Work with a professional to ensure that all valuable data is encrypted.

Back up everything

This is another essential part of modern data security, and something that everyone should be invested in.  All important data should be backed up, and if it isn’t you can bet almost everything you own that it WILL go missing.  That’s simply the way these things seem to go!  Ensure that the backup is made, and that it’s then tested to ensure that it’ll be effective when it’s needed to be accessed.