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Intelisplend Prepaid Solutions to Make Better Home Depot Purchases

Are you planning to furnish your home in the most stylish way? Then it is worth considering the well known Home Depot chain stores.  It is the dream of everybody to make their home attractive and sophisticated and you can find amazing items for home furnishing at the chain stores of Home Depot.  One of the notable things about Home Depot is that the company offers an exciting chance to win gift cards worth $5,000 now through the sweepstakes promo. You can use your InteliSplend Prepaid card i.e. myprepaidcenter to purchase striking home furnishing items and get rewards. Besides, it is an excellent way to handle your finances properly.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a well known chain store that provides high quality decorative and home furnishing items in the U.S and Canada. Besides, they offer services like the repair of broken furniture or instalment of items that you have purchased. People who are residents of the US or Canada and purchased items from any of its stores, then they can participate the Opinion Survey of Home Depot. The survey is mainly to generate the feedback from customers in order to improve the products and services of the company. Once you complete the survey, you will be eligible to participate for the sweepstakes promo and get the chance to win $5,000 worth of gift cards.

How to participate fort the survey

Residents of US and Canada who are 18 years or more except the employees and immediate family members can participate in the survey. You can visit the Opinions page of the homedepot.com/opinion and enter your ZIP code of the residential area and answer the survey questions. After completing the answers, do not forget to provide your personal information as they will use this information to contact you if you will turned to be a winner. If you purchase items from the Home Depot stores can participating the survey and it is wise to use the InteliSplend prepaid cards for all your wise purchasing.

InteliSplend Prepaid Solutions

Owned by Matitz Inc., InteliSplend Prepaid Solutions is famous for providing financial and incentive services to its customers through their rebate and card programs. Apart from that they provide some program for sales incentives as well. By using the prepaid cards of InteliSplend, one can achieve a better spending habit and can handle their finances in the most effective way. However the services of the InteliSplend prepaid card services available only to certain areas. You can get the reward card of this company by registering the website of InteliSplend. Besides, your account will help you to manage your rewards card in the better way.