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Integrate Your Important Services Now: The Top Three SugarCRM Service Modules

As you start to grow your business you will find that certain services provide you with better customer contact and targeted marketing that allow you to engage with the type of potential customer that you are most likely to turn into a paying customer. With your SugarCRM interface you can integrate all of these important marketing and contact services to ensure that you are giving your customers the best experience possible, and that the money you invest in outside services does not go to waste. With the power of Sugar and the right modules you can see your business grow faster and more profitable than you ever dreamed possible. Here are the top three service modules for the newest iteration of the SugarCRM platform.

Marketo Connector

Knowing who your customers are and how they found your company is the kind of information that every business owner needs to know. This is how you know where to spend your limited resources to build your company, and Marketo has long been a fantastic source for lead creation. Through the power of Marketo you can target marketing directly to the kind of customers you want to attract and you can start to build sales leads automatically. The Marketo Connector module builds the power of Marketo into your Sugar interface and automates the process of building, generating and assigning sales leads. No longer do you have to spend hours sifting through customer contact information and trying to balance the best leads with the best of your sales staff; now all of that is done without any need for input from you. When the lead enters the Sugar interface it creates a customer data sheet, fills out the information that the system has already been given, and sends out the lead to the sales person who is most qualified to handle the new lead. This automation will make you and your staff more productive and lets your company focus on sales instead of data collection.

Constant Contact Integration

Email is the lifeblood of modern business, and many of your best customers will be part of mailing lists and expect information from your company via email. For a long time that meant a tedious process of setting up mailing groups by hand and adjusting them whenever a change needed to be made. Constant contact handles all of your mass mailings for you and helps to sort customers into groups that might have similar interests in products or services that you provide. The Sugar platform can integrate Constant Contact through a module, and suddenly all of your contacts and customer data sheets are cross referenced to the Constant Contact information. This works especially well when combined with other services, like Marketo, so that you build a wide range of customer contacts for the system to process. Sites like Sugaroutfitters can help you find the other marketing services that you might be interested in using to help make Constant Contact an even more effective tool.

Gmail And Google Sync

Google is the most powerful internet company on the planet, with billions of page views a month and services that people cannot afford to live without. Your employees use Gmail and Google contacts or calendars because they have easy access to those services when they are out of the office, but that usually means they must spend time updating the Google data with other data in your system. The Gmail and Google Sync module coordinates all of the Google data from your employees’ email and calendars so that the Sugar interface has all of the most up to date information. This is a must-have module if any of your business is done through a Gmail address.

Building a business is fun and stressful, but with the right tools you can take care of things with ease. The SugarCRM service gives you the best interface through with to manage your customers, but these modules help you customize the interface to integrate all of the various tools that your company uses to generate sales and keep in contact with customers.