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Important Personality Traits For Working In Cargo Logistics

It is common knowledge among professionals in any given field that every line of work plays to a certain side of the human personality. While it is not entirely impossible for anyone to work in any profession, physical disabilities notwithstanding, possessing certain character traits can often help an individual excel in a particular line of work. Conversely, the same traits may act to his or her detriment in another line of work.


Cargo logistics are no different. As a highly specialised and important part of the increasingly specialised haulage industry this particular professional path greatly benefits when certain characteristics are present in its workers. Below are just a few of the traits that can make life easier and make work more pleasant for a logistics professional, along with a brief explanation as to how each of them can contribute to this status quo.

A Head For Numbers

The importance of having ‘a head for numbers’ when working in cargo logistics should be obvious, as in a field that relies as heavily on inventory and itemisation as logistics, being able to think mathematically can put an individual at a considerable advantage. Training in economics, statistics or accounting can also help make the work of a specialist in this field much easier, as all of these disciplines play a large part in the duties of a cargo logistics specialist.


Resolve can be another highly beneficial trait in the context of cargo logistics, simply due to the fact that work in this field can often become hectic. Much like sales assistants and customer service representatives, distribution centre employees will often find themselves tackling large workloads and working to strict deadlines. This is when a strong personality and considerable mental toughness come into play, and it is these traits that can represent the difference between an ever-growing backlog and a job well done.

Analytical Capacity

Analytical ability is another important aspect of working in logistics, and one which, while tying to the previously discussed mathematical prowess, is important in an entirely different capacity in its own right. This skill can, for example, help an employee navigate the mazes of boxes and other loads that are synonymous with busy distribution centres, while helping him or her keep track of his or her loads throughout. This can be an invaluable skill when dealing with multiple loads on a daily basis.

The fact that these characteristics are helpful does not, of course, mean they are mandatory to achieve success in the field of logistics. Individuals who do possess them, however, may find that their work is made considerably easier when they are applied to it.