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The Importance Of Cleanliness In The Workplace

First impressions count, especially when it comes to keeping your office clean. A neat, clean working environment gives out the right impression not only to your staff but to your existing and prospective customers and clients. The image of being organised, efficiently run and a business with focus, is essential. An organisation that is managed professionally and smoothly is evident the minute you walk into any environment whether it’s an office building or a hotel. Poor attention to detail can give an impression of a sloppy, careless approach, an attitude that could merge into the company’s culture, reflecting the way they do business or the level of service they offer.

The office I worked in previously would have visitors and training on many of the working days, so we would be very welcoming and offer teas & pastries, and sometimes even put on lunch, all of which is very hospitable and a great way to present the business. The only problem was that, around the coffee machine there was a lot of grime and residue, so people helping themselves to 2nds of coffee may start to see the ‘cracks appearing’ in our professional façade! It wasn’t ever any one person’s job to clean up after visitors, so although many of the women would chip in with washing up etc, it just wasn’t done to the standard that we would maintain in our homes – of course, we all had our own jobs to be getting on with so we couldn’t leave our desks for too long!

Reinforcing client and supplier trust is essential in today’s business world but it can be a fragile entity. Once broken, it could be virtually impossible to regain the relationship you once had. Therefore protecting your reputation is vital by ensuring your business practices are ethical and your company’s culture is positive. However ensuring your office is kept clean and tidy is also a key factor that could influence your client’s decision to continue working with you. An immaculate and neat office will give a sense of security and reliability to any client or prospective client visiting your premises.

It’s surprising how many businesses may over look this area especially as the cleaning industry itself can often have the reputation of being unreliable. Time must be invested in finding a cleaning company of the right calibre and dedication to the job to ensure the appropriate levels of service are maintained. When it comes to an orderly and sanitary environment, it’s not just your organisation’s reputation that is at stake, however, it can be the productivity of your business. Protecting the health and morale of your workforce is a duty and responsibility that the employer should not overlook.

Job satisfaction is crucial to people’s enjoyment in the workplace but the environment in which they work is fundamental to their mental state. The daily grind of 9-5 can be very stressful but in a dirty, cluttered office, the stress levels could rise leading to lower productivity and perhaps even depression. Going back to the example of my previous job, as I mentioned, most of us would chip in and do some of the washing up and cleaning after visitors had been. But the more constant requirement of washing up our own tea and coffee cups, and cleaning up after people had made and prepared lunches, became a real sore spot and there’d often be people sighing or moaning about how long they’d just spent doing everyone else’s washing up, or watering the plants, or hoovering the training room after noticing a trainer had spilled ground coffee everywhere. In an otherwise pleasant office, it was the informal rules about who’s responsibility cleaning was that started most arguments.

I also did some work experience at a well known charity recently, and I was astonished to see the conditions of the small kitchen! It turned out a month or two after I’d started that there were rat faeces under the floor, so the whole kitchen needed deep cleaning by professionals and was out of use for over a week. It really did feel like a bit of a grotty environment to work in, that the situation had been allowed to get so out of hand as again, it was noone’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the facilities.

There is the additional issue of hygiene. If the office becomes unsanitary then people’s health could be at risk. From toilets and washbasins to kitchens and carpets, all these areas need regular cleaning and deep cleaning to keep germs at bay. During winter when colds, flues and other viruses are rife, ensuring the cleanliness of your business environment is vital to your productivity and your company’s bottom line. A regular investment in a reliable business cleaning team could remove the headache of low staff moral and poor attendance.