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Immigration Lawyers to Help You Acquire a UK Visa

Before making plans to visit the UK it is imperative that you establish whether or not you need to obtain a visa.

Whether you need a visa depends on both your nationality and the reason for your travel.  If you hold a passport that has been issued by the UK or by any other country in the EEA or Switzerland you will not need a visa.  If however you do not meet this criteria you will likely need to apply for a visa before making your travel arrangements.

The type of visa you require depends on the circumstances surrounding your planned visit.  If you are intending to come to the UK as a visitor you will normally be allowed to stay for up to six months.  There are a number of different types of visitor visa available and it is important that you choose the right one.

If you are visiting the UK either as a tourist or to stay with friends you should apply for a general visitor visa.  If however you are travelling to the UK to visit family you should apply for a family visitor visa.

Individuals coming to the UK for business purposes need to apply for a business visitor visa whereas individuals visiting the UK with the intention purely to study and not work during their stay should apply for a student visitor visa

If you are still unsure whether or not you need a visa you can visit the Home Office UK Border Website www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk and complete a simple questionnaire online.

UK Border Agency staff are however unable to give advice regarding whether or not you need a visa.  Should you require assistance regarding the UK’s immigration law and requirements you should seek advice from a suitably qualified immigration lawyer.

With so many immigration solicitors available to choose from it can however be difficult to know which one to hire.  The UK Border Agency specifically advise against using independent companies that claim to be able to guarantee a visa for a fee and strongly advise that you employ an advisor that is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Danielle Cohen Immigration Solicitors London is a niche firm of immigration lawyers situated in Camden town and are fully regulated giving you piece of mind.

They specialise in a number of areas of immigration law including but not limited to how to get a Work Permit and how to make a Student Application so if you are looking for an Immigration Lawyer London you need look no further.

Whether it is general advice that you are seeking or help with completing a visa application these Immigration Solicitors in London have extensive experience in handling various types of applications.

You can either give them a call or complete the online form featured on their website.