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Immigrating To Canada Facts And Procedures

Job-stealing by foreigners has been a debatable issue for decades. It is quite important for the person moving to foreign country. He needs to know what locals would think of him and how he would be treated there.

  • In America, 37 percent of Americans think they lose better job opportunities because of foreign hires
  • In Britain, 59 percent of the British are against foreign hiring.
  • Only 17 percent of Canadians think there are “too many” immigrants in their country,

In terms of public opinion, Canadians have a more positive view of immigrants and immigration than do Americans and Western Europeans. They are less likely to view immigrants as “stealing” jobs or committing crimes, and the majority of Canadians view immigration as an opportunity, not a problem.


Made Up Your Mind Now?

These stats must have helped you make the right choice. Plus, you also need to consider the benefits offered by each place. Then, you need to think about the rules and regulations for employees and their families. Finally, and more importantly, you have to see the immigration procedures of each country.

Getting permanent visa for Canada is quite simpler, compared to other places. All you need is, clear the test, show you can speak English or French, or both, and ensure that you have sufficient amount to take care of yourself for initial few months.

Let’s assumed you’ve decided to move to Canada, what’s next you should do? First things first, visit the website of immigration law firms Toronto. Or, simply discuss matters with Otis & Korman Immigration Lawyers Toronto.

Here’s what you should do next:


You need to apply for immigration programs that will guide you through the entire process. You will also get valuable information about do’s and don’ts of admission in Canada.


Once you’ve determined your eligibility, you need to apply for immigration. There are different kinds of applications, such as:

  • Entry for skilled workers,
  • Application for caregivers,
  • Application for family sponsorships,
  • Request for asylum and refugees

You may need to consult Toronto immigration lawyer who would show you the best way.


You also need to learn material about scams in this particular field. As you’re completely unaware of the rules, you may fall a prey of these immigration frauds. The only way to protect yourself is by verifying their authenticity and finding references.


You will be needing a representative who understands the immigration law Toronto. You need to learn how you can hire them and monitor their activities. You may want to file a complaint against him/her if you don’t get the desired results. You can also authorize a third party for free who can help you with immigration application.


Before moving to Canada, you need to ensure you have a nice job there. The preparation involves; finding a suitable job, learning native languages; English or French and have your credential assessed. You also need to learn about social, financial and cultural aspects of the people living in the country.


There are different kinds of immigration appeals. You can appeal for sponsorship. You can request for removal of order. Then there are residency obligation appeals as well.

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