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Illegal Pete’ Opens Up in Fort Collins

Illegal immigration has become a national debate in the recent weeks. Now, there is another aspect to the whole controversy. Regardless of what President Obama decides to do when he passes his much talked about and according to him a few years ago, unconstitutional, immigration reform laws, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ has already earned a bad rap in the eyes of those liberal Americans who support Obama’s relaxed views.

Liberals in America, who live their lives according to political correctness despite it undermining the first amendment of free speech, logic, and causing 9-11 and the Boston Bombing, believe the word “illegal” describing an illegal alien is rude and inconsiderate despite it being the truth! Go figure!

Democrats, immigration attorneys, and liberal supporters who are pro-reform have decided that using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ should be banned from colloquial use. At the same time, many Americans believe liberals are better off if they moved to Europe since they share more European values than American ones. And in Fort Collins, Colorado, the unlikely, and entirely unwilling, face of this sudden wave of change is a liberal-minded, pro-immigrant owner of a Mexican restaurant chain “Illegal Pete’s”.

It’s just Plain Irony

Pete Turner, 43, first opened his restaurant chain 20 years ago. His decision to name his chain ‘Illegal Pete’s’ stems from the fact that his father―who was also named Pete―was somewhat of a rebel in his heyday. Turner also claims that the name has also been influenced by the name of a bar in a novel he once read. Twenty years back when Turner had first set up shop, the term ‘Illegal’ did not hold the political connotations it does today. The proprietor claims that he had never once intended to make his business some sort of a statement about the state of affairs.

But when Turner wanted to open the seventh installment of his popular chain restaurant in Fort Collins, he suddenly found himself face to face with a wave of cynicism and political correctness that he had never known existed. That is what he gets for being liberal in the first place! Local and national immigration rights groups ganged up against the businessman and their bone of contention was that the use of the term ‘illegal’ with a person’s name was downright derogatory and offensive. These same people are the ones who allow rapists and pedophiles to receive soft sentences so they can prey on Americans all over again. Incredible!

Illegal is not a Fine Word, Say Locals

Immigration attorneys in the region say that the crux of the matter is that the term ‘illegal’ has come to denote a racial slur in these parts over the years. Though many local residents believed that it was not Turner’s intention to hurt sentiments when he chose this name for his restaurant chain, but they also agreed that the impact of the word in today’s times and in a town like Fort Collins is very different than two decades ago.

What’s in a name?

Fort Collins has a strong Hispanic population. The Colorado State University is located there and the institution is known for its sizeable minority student population. The town people were understandably emotional about the use of the word illegal in a restaurant name, but all this had left Mr. Turner highly perplexed. The man who supports Obama’s reforms, was inundated with mails from anti-immigration supporters who asked him to go ahead with his new restaurant because they do not believe in political correctness nonsense. Well, open he did. But not without giving the matter a serious thought.

In the end, says Turner, he decided to keep the name he had begun with to prove that counterculture still exists in America. Turner hopes that his controversial (only to some), but highly popular restaurant will show Colorado a new face of acceptance. The liberal wants to make a profit! He must be a capitalist.