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How A Group Health Insurance Broker Help You With Your Business

For many businesses, the facility to provide group health insurance cover to their workforce is a huge benefit that hard workers will truly appreciate, specially if they have a family to take care of. On the other hand, often the task of setting up a group health insurance program can be tough for many new as well as smaller businesses. Luckily, a group health insurance broker can be easily and readily used to set up as well as administer such a program for any business considering providing health insurance to their valuable staff.

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A highly regarded group health insurance broker will generally answer any queries a business may have about providing health cover to the members of their company. For example, are you aware of the fact that a group health insurance cover is only going to cover the full time working employees? Your group health insurance broker is responsible for providing you with answers to your queries that are similar in nature. As a matter of fact, several health insurance companies define a full time employee or worker as someone who works a minimum of 30 hours per week at their place of employment.

In order to qualify for the group health insurance a business must have at least two full time employees on their payroll. Generally the more it is, the better and group health insurance broker is going to advise a forthcoming business of facts just like this. Moreover, at least 50 percent or even more of a business’s full time employee must sign up in the provided group health insurance and cover that is offered by the company. There are some additional rules and regulations that should be followed when it comes to adding the dependants along with the newborns to an existing health insurance that covers an individual as a part of the group.


When it is about the cost of the group health insurance cover a broker will inform you that the business is needed to provide or pay at least half of the insurance premium for their full time employees. In most of the cases, they are not needed to cover any of the expenses that are related to providing health insurance for the employee’s dependants.

A knowledgeable and expert group health insurance broker should be hired to do the job for you. Their expertise and knowledge can also be used to handle or file any queries during the insurance underwriting process, which can often be a very complex process.

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