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Haulage Companies Now Paying for UK Road User Levy

Haulage companies have another thing to think about now that the Road User Levy has been introduced. It came into effect in April 2014 after the Department for Transport (DfT) brought it in. Already it has managed to earn millions of pounds. But what exactly is this new levy, and how will it affect haulage companies?.

Overview of the Road User Levy

The Road User Levy came into effect in the UK in April 2014 after it was initiated by the HGV Road User Levy Act 2013. It applies to drivers of HGVs that are over 12 tonnes. The aim of the levy is to raise money to maintain the roads throughout the UK and keep them in good condition.

UK Haulage Companies: How They Are Affected

If you run a haulage company in the UK and you qualify to pay the levy due to the size of your vehicles, you should make the payment at the same time that you pay the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). However, rather than being an extra tax, the VED has been reduced so that you should not end up paying more for the levy. You can pay the levy once a year or every six months, and you should make the payment to the DVLA.

Foreign Haulage Companies: How They Are Affected

For companies based outside the UK but driving within the UK, payment of the levy must be made for each vehicle before it enters the country. The amount paid varies depending on the size of the HGV. After the levy has been made it is recorded in a database, which the authorities can use to check on the status of the vehicle.

Fines for Failing to Pay

The authorities can fine drivers who do not pay the Levy, and hundreds of fines have indeed already been handed out.  For UK-registered vehicles this could be as much as £300. The Levy is being enforced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), so if you have one vehicle or you own an entire fleet, make sure that your levy payments are all up to date to avoid any problems.

Remember to Pay the Levy

The Road User Levy could turn out to be a useful way to maintain the upkeep of the UK’s roads for all drivers, but haulage companies must remember to pay it or they could face large fines. If you carry out haulage work in the UK, find out how the levy applies to you and don’t forget to make the payment or your company could receive a fine.