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Is Getting Medical Marijuana In All Regions Of Canada Legal?

Marijuana, the dried product of hemp plant has acquired more attention than any other herbal drug when compared to drugs with similar histories. Unfortunately, this attention is mostly because of the legal concerns and struggles for protecting its existence. It is interesting to know that usage of marijuana is not done after careful examination, scientific research and legal hearings, but is criminalized on an assumption of its dangerous qualities and increase in usage. The fear of the drug, personal agendas of politicians, ignorance of common people led to bad publicity further diminishing marijuana in the eyes of Canadians making them wonder about its legality.

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Legal marijuana in Canada – Who can use marijuana?

Canada is the most flexible of nations where marijuana for specific purposes can be bought from stores legally and Health Canada also does not interfere in such transactions if the person holds a license for getting medical marijuana in Canada. In case there is some perplexity about the legality the following points will provide suitable information about the herb which can be used to understand the nature of marijuana use.

  • Medical marijuana in Canada obtained through licensed medical marijuana consulting is not illegal and there are restrictions for recreational marijuana which can cause addiction and a lot of side effects.
  • As per the latest court ruling, all forms of medical Cannabis can be consumed which includes smoking, recipes, drinks, extracts, oils and so on.
  • Any individual under any circumstances must not buy illicit form of Cannabis from black market or possess more than the prescribed amount. Moreover, there is a high chance of mixing harmful chemicals or drugs in marijuana obtained from such places.
  • Health Canada monitors all the drug activities and acts as final authority while provision of licenses for harvesters and patients. They provide certificates of license after strict scrutiny and can be approached through medical marijuana consulting also.
  • Specialized doctors who are deemed fit for estimating the need of a patient are the only one’s eligible to determine how much quantity a patient requires. The doctor can also be a family consultant or from a private consulting agency but he or she must contain legal documentation. The doctors will conduct various tests like assessment of anxiety, pain and mood disorders.

Most people are aware of the legalities of Cannabis and more than 40,000 people this drug in one form or the other. In addition, the government is also accommodative in case of marijuana because of several advantages the herb possesses. The law is not the same in all the states of Canada until recent agitations which made people to realize there is more to marijuana than just being a recreational drug in the hands of a repulsive person. This wide spread enlightenment made the government and court officials to tilt towards the decriminalization of the drug which resulted in making medical marijuana legal in Canada. This condition is applicable to all regions of Canada but the only restriction is followed in illegal trafficking and promotion of the medicinal drug as illicit one.

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