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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Admin Staff?

Having an administrative staff is essential for every business. These individuals are responsible for a handful of things, are the hub of the office, and help keep the office running smoothly.

If you’re not getting the most out of your administrative staff, it could have an impact on the success of your business. In order to ensure your administrative staff is working properly, the following tips will help.

Be open about their responsibilities.

Sometimes your administrative staff may not be entirely sure what their responsibilities are, and this can cause a problem. Make sure you constantly talk with your admin staff and provide them a list of their responsibilities. This way, they will always know what tasks are theirs to complete.

Along with a list of responsibilities, you should also consider ranking these projects in order of importance. This way, your admin staff will know which projects they need to focus on first in order to keep the company running smoothly.

Provide your admin staff with the right training.

Not only do you need to ensure that your admin staff receives the right training when they start working for your company, but you also need to ensure their skills continue to be improved. Find classes your staff can take to improve their skills, such as organizational, typing or even learning a new computer program. When you continue to train and improve the skills of your admin staff, you will certainly get the most out of them.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Your administrative staff handles a lot of responsibilities, and they will need to stay in contact with you through the day. When you are more personable and keep the lines of communication open, you will create a strong relationship with your admin staff and ensure their work is done properly. Consider having a weekly (or daily) meeting with your staff so they know their responsibilities and can ask you any pertinent questions. If you barely communicate with your admin staff or are hard to reach, it could cause issues and your business may suffer.

Don’t bog them down with tedious tasks.

Your administrative staff already has a lot on their plate, and constantly adding to their list of responsibilities—especially with tedious tasks—can put a damper on their morale and production. Instead of bogging down your administrative staff with more tasks, consider outsourcing some of this work. There are plenty of companies out there who handle administrative tasks, such as online transcription companies or HR departments. You’re paying for your administrative professional’s skilled labor, and you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of them by having them tackle the responsibilities and projects that are important instead of wasting their time with nonsense.

Provide incentives.

If you truly want to get the most out of your administrative staff, you have to make it worth their while. By offering incentives to your admin staff, you will motivate them to continually do a great job for your company. This incentive can be a variety of things. You could offer them a monetary incentive for meeting certain goals. You could also offer them other perks, such as gift cards, additional paid time off, or even paying for their transportation to work or buying their lunch once a week. Think of what your administrative staff would like as a reward, and use it to keep them happy.

Every business owner wants to get the most out of their administrative staff, and by using these tips, you will keep them happy and working to their potential.