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Gemba Walk – An effective way to improve the productivity of a business

Gemba Walk, a renowned concept from Japan is now a familiar word in various board room meetings of big organizations. As we are aware that companies are nowadays trying to adopt different methods to reduce its production costs and increases its profitability. Many managers of big organizations have found that Gemba Walk is an effective tool to manage and lead their associates successfully.  ‘Gemba’ actually refers to the area where value is created in a business for the business itself or for the customers.  In fact, if managers have regularly visited the Gemba area, they can easily get information about the problems associated with that place.

Benefit of using Gemba walk in an organization

mutual respect

Gemba Walk benefits an organization in different ways. One of the most important advantages of adopting Gemba Walk in an organization is that it helps the managers to identify the problems that they are facing on the shop floors.  We know that even these problems could have greatly affected the productivity and profitability of a business. If the managers do the Gemba Walk regularly to the problematic areas, they can understand the issues associated and can make a strong bonding among the associates. This way they can communicate better with the employees and get an idea about their views.

Psychological benefits of Gemba Walk

By using the method of Gemba Walk, a manager can communicate with their associates and make them aware that they are playing an important role for the progress of the company. In fact, this is a successful tool to increase the morale of the employees.  Many companies find it difficult to maintain the productivity levels of its associates. However, by adopting the Gemba Walk, managers can encourage the employees to come out with their ideas and suggestions and make them feel important to the organization.

It is important for a managerial person to know what is going on exactly in an organization in order to take the right decision and actions. The Gemba Walk is an effective way to highlight various problems in a business. You can easily identify the people who are working hard for improving the business productivity and people who are devoting their time for different other purposes. Besides, a manager can easily detect small problems and can take necessary action before it become too larger.  It may be difficult for managers to walk around their company and check how it works, but a Gemba Walk will definitely help them to detect the problems and improve the productivity of the business.