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Four Surprising Ways School Trips to France Can Delight

You could expect the most visited nation in the world to be the most well known. From the Champs Elysees to the streets of Lille, there are so many iconic images and places that being surprised here is itself surprising.

But there is a side to the nation of the tri-colour that can delight in unexpected ways. If you eyes are open to the past, some of the most visited places in the world can shine as if with a different light.

awTombs of Courage

 It is not strange that many school trips to France take time at the Somme and Ypres and Verdun. But buried in the soil of this past lie turning points in international conflicts and tombs of the courageous fallen. The fronts and the trenches that saw the rise and fall of many a battalion should always be remembered if the heaviness of war, and the impact of the two world wars in particular, is not to be forgotten. Students will be aware of the deep significance here that will surprise, but also remain with them a long time.

 Fields of War

 The calming atmosphere of the Norman shores will no doubt affect students on school trips to France. The sublime cliffs, the sunset over twisting bays, and the long grasses will of course help the stress slip away while you indulge in Camembert cheese with bread from any of the proud local boulangeries. But, as with the deception of the now quiet battlefronts, you can peel back the gentle present and discover fascinating and lively historic tales. The D-Day landing at Arromanches and the death of Joan of Arc are but a few that surprisingly lay claim to this now peaceful coast.

Land of Story

 It is surprising for students to think that while floating on blue seas, tasting delectable crepes, or walking down cooling beaches, they are in fact living amid warriors, monks, and ill-fated pirates. Nonetheless the truth is that school trips to France can bring you to entertaining Brittany that is surprisingly a land full of stories dating back to Celtic days. It is a place of pirates and pioneers, cathedrals and tournaments, and cardinals and kingdoms, and all are there to be explored and to surprise if students are willing to peer back into the mists of time.

 City of Ages

Most people know to expect a serious wealth of modern style, charm and romantic fervour when they visit Paris. Hence school trips to France that bring students into the centre of the most famous parts of the city will not surprise but will surely satisfy through the boutique cafes, fancy galleries and famed streets. But behind all that it is expected to deliver, this city will surprise with its wild and vibrant history. Despite its privileged position as a trendsetter for all that is modern, Paris is a city with one of the longest stories of continuous urban existence, and as such has much from the past with which to entice students.