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Ford Orders The Fifth Recall In 9 Years For Its Pickup Trucks

Automobile industry leader Ford is not having a fantastic time these last few weeks. On the 30th of October, the company announced that it was recalling 205,000 units from the market, and just yesterday the company records revealed that the brand’s year-over-year sales have decreased by 5,000 units in 2014. Not only this, the company itself was down by 3,000 units this October. The recent recall is the fifth time during the 2005-2014 period that Ford has had to pull back its pickup trucks from the American market.

Recall Due to Recent Accidents?

Truck accident attorneys say that the recent recall―which is pretty massive in number―could be because of the sudden increase in truck accidents across the country and the public outpouring for better accident-prevention technology. Ford’s biggest recall yet covers 135,000 Flex crossovers and F-150 pickup trucks. The reason behind the recall is supposedly an issue with the passenger seat sensor that can possibly prevent airbag deployment during the time of an accident.

The affected Flex CUVs are from model year 2014, and were built in March of this year. The trucks were all made in Ford’s Dearborn and Kansas City plants while the others were made in the Oakville Assembly plant. Incidentally, the recent recall will also pull back certain F-150s that were manufactured in 2009-2014 and which are known to have had a seat track assembly repaired between February and October of this year.

Another Factor

Next up are the 38,600 Panther-platformed vehicles that the company is pulling back. These will include the 2005 to 2011 manufactured Ford Crown Vics, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Cars. Like the damaged F-150 these cars too have a potentially flawed recall repair that has made the company issue a pullback order. This is pertaining to a bad repair on the lower intermediate steering shaft of the cars which can lead to a sudden loss of steering in these vehicles. Truck driving accident attorneys are none to pleased about this.

The Crown Vics and the Grand marquis in the recall were built between 2004 and 2011 while the Town cars were made in two batches form 2005-2007 and 2008-2011. The older batch of the Lincolns were manufactured at Ford’ Wixom factory while the later batch was put together at the St. Thomas facility that also made the Ford and Mercury sedans.

Apart from all these, the company has also had to pull back 27,600 Transit Connect vans which have the model year 2014. These cars are being recalled due to a potentially bad routing fuel and vapor lines which manufactures say can rub together if set up in an improper fashion and cause a leak, increasing the likelihood of a fire.

Need those Break Lights!

There are two more recalls on the roster. There are the 960 F-150 pickups from earlier in the year which have a problem with brake lights – the lights do not illuminate immediately when the brakes are pressed – and the cruise control. According to truck driving accident attorneys, the last recall is for 92 Transit vans, model year 2015, in which the bracket that holds the fuel filter in place may be problematic; detaching over time and causing a knocking sound or stalling.