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Florida Father Fights for his Daughter’s Innocence against Court Decrees

In Florida, a father is on a desperate mission to save his eight year old daughter from her elder half-brother who he claims has been sexually assaulting her. The teenager in question has been visiting the mother’s home regularly despite it being common knowledge that he tried to force his younger sister to have sex with him.

The mother does not deny that the assault happened, and there is even a court order asking the 17 year old not to visit his half-sister at his mother’s house. And yet, there has been no change in the status quo which has put Carl Sumner, of Boca Raton, Florida directly on the war path with his ex-wife.

Father needed therapy after discovering assault

Carl Sumner says that he had to go for therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder after he saw his daughter being assaulted in March 2010. He was preparing dinner when he heard her crying. She was―her name has not been revealed in order to protect her, as has the name of her half-brother―only 4 years old then. When he opened the door to her bedroom, he saw the boy―who was then 12―sexually abusing the child. Sumner’s estranged wife, does not deny that the abuse occurred. Incidentally, the ex-wife is the mother of both the children and currently has custody of the 8 year old girl.

Teenager still visits the sister he molested

Upon apprehending the situation, Sumner then rushed his daughter to the emergency room. Danielle Rowe, his ex-wife, called the police to report the incident. The police did not charge the boy, but he was put under psychiatric evaluation and had to spend the subsequent years in and out of group homes. A court order was also issued, forbidding the half-siblings from living under the same room. But the boy, who is now 17, regularly visits Rowe’s home in Fort Lauderdale.

Many people believe this disturbed teenager can just go away somewhere and stay there forever.

Rowe was given permanent custody of the 8 year old child when she and Sumner decided to separate in 2011. Sumner has regularly tried to win back custody and his Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys have tried their best to prove that Rowe is unfit to care for the child, and her twin brother.

Once though, he tried to take both the children away from the mother to North Carolina. His Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys forbade it but Sumner was adamant and he says that this singular wrong move could have turned the court against him. His visitation rights are currently on hold because of this.

Mother seems to be just as disturbed as her son

Rowe says that her daughter has chosen to forgive her brother for what happened years ago. She says it is wrong to punish a 12 year old child for doing something he knew no better about. Rowe’s divorce attorney Vanessa Prieto claims that her client is following all safety precautions and doing the best she can to keep her family together. Though she refused to answer when asked if the teen was still living with the sister he had molested four years ago.

Sumner’s attorneys say that Rowe is being naive about her children and he clearly thinks that both the young kids are in danger still. Now it is completely up to the courts in Florida to do what they deem fit and protect two innocent children from a horrible fate. This is another example of a case of a mother who is not thinking straight when it comes to her children.