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Fall Is Here, and So Are Fatal Log-Truck Accidents

When we normally talk of truck driving accidents, we conjure up images that involve the Jaws of Life, mangled cars that are sometimes the victim of a terrible truck accident, and debris tossed all over the highway. The truth about this is, truck crashes can happen anywhere, anytime, and even a humble pickup truck can cause an unexpected turn of events if the driver is not careful.

Take the recent spate of log truck accidents across the nation. Fall is here, and log trucks are on their way doing what they do best―carrying logs from point A to point B. But in doing so, they can cause fatal accidents especially when drivers are not careful of where they are going or refuse to follow the basic safety norms that have been laid down for the common good.

Father and Son Die in Pineville Crash

Just last Thursday, a father and son from Pineville were killed when their pickup truck crashed into a log truck in rural Berkeley County on Highway 17A. Larry Dixon, 64, and his son Vincent Dixon, 39, were both found dead at the scene of accident around 6 am last Thursday morning. The accident occurred at Von Hollen Road on Highway 17 between Bonneau and Jamestown, according to truck driving accident attorneys in the Berkeley County office.

The log truck was apparently stopped in traffic behind a school bus when the pickup truck carrying the Dixons rear ended it on the road. Children who were boarding the school bus were thankfully not hurt in the accident. According to Senior Trooper Hannah Wimberley, the pickup was being driven by Larry Dixon and his son was a passenger in the truck. Additionally, they were both not wearing seat belts while driving.

Fall Is Here, and So Are Fatal Log-Truck Accidents

Green Valley Log Truck Crash

Some days before this unfortunate accident a logging truck in Green Valley rolled over on its side on Clover Dew Dairy Road, about less than 100 yards from the intersection with US Route 460. According to police reports, the logging truck was on its way to deliver a load to Allegheny Wood Products Inc. in Green Valley when the accident happened. Deputy Bish of Mercer County Sherriff’s Department said that the cause of the accident can be attributed to the load of logs suddenly shifting while the truck was on the road, causing the truck and trailer to shift. The single-vehicle wreck caused no injuries or fatalities.

The driver of the log truck was fortunate enough to be able to climb out of the passenger side window and come out unscathed from the crash. He however, he did cut his fingers on the glass while escaping.

A Parade to Remember

Though the Green Valley driver escaped safe, another log truck driver – Dawn Williams of Redmond, Ore., was killed in an October 15th crash when the rig of his truck left the road and crashed into a ravine. The logs carried in the trailer tumbled onto the truck causing Williams’ death, said the deputies from Crook County.

Williams’ life was celebrated by a procession of around 100 log trucks, semis, and other trucks and cars that drove north from Redmond in a parade to honor the deceased truck driver, who they say was a kind and loving person. Truck driving accident lawyers were even impressed with this.