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Factors That Should Be Considered Before Selecting A Courier Company

When you have to deliver a package for local, national or international shipment; there are huge amount of courier service available over the internet that you can choose from. The choice can be difficult and confusing, so it is necessary to know what to look for.

Major factors to consider

The reputation of the company is an important factor when you are looking for a reliable service. A company’s reputation like that of http://www.courierpoint.com is built on years of good service, good communication and better schemes. You can gain such knowledge via internet in review sites or company websites by reading the policies and facilities. You can also depend upon friend or colleague for their suggestion.

Accidents are nothing uncommon; calamities, theft or damage of package cannot be predicted. Thus many companies provide insurance of the package especially for international deliveries like when you send parcel to Hong Kong. Some companies provide entire cover and some provide partial cover. The bond of the company should be taken into account, in case of a theft committed by its employee then the loss can be mitigated.

There should be no hidden fee. Most companies over the internet provide facility to calculate the shipment charge based on distance covered and size and weight of the parcel. If the company does not provide an online service then also they should disclose the fee before taking the assignment.

It is necessary that the company keeps an account of the entire transaction. While delivering the product they should take signature from the recipient and send confirmation message or email to the sender. On the date of the delivery a prior message should be sent to the recipient, so that the delivery is hampered. It will be better if the company provide with online tracking of the parcel.

Customer service is the most important element of success for a courier company. The customer care has to keep the customers informed about the company’s scheme and take into consideration the response of the customer. The customer care executive should polite, genteel and should be able to answer the queries of the customers. They should maintain a professional working attitude and should communicate clearly. Transparency should be maintained with the customer so if there is a delay in delivery, it is necessary that the customer is informed on a regular basis. The reasons of damage or delay should be stated clearly.

Most of the company provides some basic facility. It is necessary to know your need and also the also the amount you can spend- choose accordingly.