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Essential Tips in Planning a Funeral Service

Whether, we like it or not, funeral rituals have always been viewed as an important part of every culture and society. The importance of funeral rituals rests on certain basic beliefs held by the Chinese.  For most Singaporeans, death does not signify the end of a person’s participation in the lives and activities of his family, but is conceived as a process of transition.  There is a continued relationship between the living and the dead.  This notion of mutual interdependence reinforces the importance of the family as a social unit, with the ancestors providing emotional, social and economic security for the descendants.  Through the ancestors, the family is no longer seen as an individual unit, but part of a long continuum of descent.

Because of its importance, we need to prepare and plan for a funeral service. Whether it is a christian funeral service or a buddhist funeral service, there are a lot of things to consider and think about. Here are some of the most essential tips in planning a funeral service.

First of all, most deaths are not anticipated. Therefore, time is not a luxury in this case. We need to be very quick in making decisions. We need to expect that there will be a lot of things to organize under a limited time. We need to be decisive and focused.

Ask for your family and friends help. It is understandable that all of you are highly emotional because of the unexpected event. But now is not the time for your mind to be cluttered by a lot of things. Always remember that a funeral service is the last tribute to your loved one and it should count. Ask for your friends help and distribute the tasks.  Make sure that coordination is in place.

Coordinate with your family members, relatives, and close friends. Funerals give opportunity for the gathering of the family unit. They must also wear the traditional mourning garments. In most instances, there are performances of rituals to help the deceased into the afterworld. Then they hold the funeral wake leading to burial or cremation. Lastly, the departed soul is installed as an ancestor of the family. Communicate these reminders better.

Another way to organize a funeral service better and easier is by getting a company which provides funeral services. Not only that it will lift a burden in your preparation, you can also be assured of a more organized funeral service for your loved one. This is because they are skilled and adept in these kinds of events. They know what they are doing. Most of these companies also offer a variety of funeral service depending on the wishes of their clients. For example they can mount a christian funeral service and even a buddhist funeral service if the clients hope so.

As we mentioned earlier, funerals are considered the last tribute for your loved one. The best gift we can give to them as they move on to afterlife is a lasting tribute which will show how much we love them. Good luck on your preparations!