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Ensuring That Life in Retirement Is Comfortable

You may have worked throughout your entire life and paid your mortgage on time every month, but the truth is that many people in retirement are shocked to find that they are living on a fixed income. In fact, many retired couples find that the fixed income they receive simply isn’t enough to meet their own needs.

For people in this situation, the biggest savings they have is the equity they have built up in their home. The problem is that the money isn’t doing anything for them! They have been paying the bank loan for years, but the money is just sitting there and not actually doing any real work for them. Wouldn’t it be ideal if people in this situation could find a way to release all of that equity without having to sell their family home?

An Equity Release Plan That Really Works

If you find yourself in retirement on a fixed income, you can release the equity in your home through a lifetime mortgage equity release scheme. Companies like responsibleequityrelease.co.uk are experienced in this area and will be able to advise you on what it involves. The following are just some of the benefits you can receive from such a plan:

  • Ownership: Normally you’d have to sell your home to release the equity that you have built up in it. With a lifetime mortgage equity release scheme, you don’t have to sell your home at all! You can sign up for the plan, access the money, and still have ownership of your home. This means that the deeds will remain in your name, thus ensuring that you are secure.
  • Money: Clearly, the biggest benefit of employing such a scheme is that it allows a homeowner to access the equity tied up in their home. In fact, through such a scheme, one can receive the money in a lump sum, split it into regular payments, or combine the two. This provides you with flexibility.
  • Financial assistance: Because you will have access to extra money, you can go on that cruise that you’ve always wanted to experience, or help your grandkids pay for their education, buy a car, or get started in the property market.
  • Home renovations: Having worked all of your life and paid taxes, perhaps it is time that you receive some benefit in return. Getting older, as we all do, one cannot always physically do the things that we used to do. How about using the money from an equity release plan to make some useful home modifications to make it easier to do the things you need to do? You could even use the money to make the renovations that you always wanted, such as a new kitchen.

You Deserve a Comfortable Retirement

Getting old and retiring shouldn’t mean that you become invisible, just as it shouldn’t mean that you have to live on a modest fixed income. After all, you have spent many years paying taxes, working, contributing, raising children, and doing the right thing. Why shouldn’t your biggest asset, your home, do some work for you and make your retirement more comfortable? An equity release plan can do this for you!