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Employment Legal Services Are Many and Varied

If you are like most people, you spend approximately eight hours per day on the job. Therefore, any work issues can become difficult problems to resolve if you cannot turn to some type of intermediary. Fortunately, a law firm that is well-versed in this field can offer a reliable remedy for any discomfort or harassment you may be experiencing at work.


What Services Are Offered

London solicitors, who are experienced legal advisors in this area, can assist you in making a claim, if necessary, that is stress-free and meets with your budget requirements.  Claims or resolutions can be sought for contract negotiation, wrongful or unfair dismissal, work-related anxiety, bullying during working hours, public interest disclosures, discrimination, transfer of business, equal pay disputes and working time regulations.

Practicing Your Rights

If you feel you are the victim of discriminatory practices, then it is in your best interest to consult a London barrister about your rights and find out what steps you can take to ameliorate the situation. Legal professionals who specialise in employment law also advise employees about what they will likely face if they file an Employment Tribunal claim. Usually, the purpose behind the claim is to seek financial compensation or request re-employment for the same or a different position in a company.

A Quick Overview of the Claim Process

A barrister who is experienced in employment law proceedings will represent you by helping you with all parts of your claim, which includes liaising with the Employment Tribunal and your employer’s representatives on your behalf. The process includes preparation of legal documentation for the final hearing and representation of the client at the same proceeding. London barristers who specialise in employment law also advise clients about the settlement or negotiation of a filed proceeding.

Review Your Household or Motor Cover

Some London barristers who specialise in employment law will offer their clients an agreement where the fee for work is charged on a contingency basis. If the firm believes you have an excellent chance of winning your claim, it will represent the case for a contingency fee. In turn, the legal representative is paid for any damages or negotiated monies that are awarded to the client by the Employment Tribunal.  In a majority of cases, a client’s motor or household insurance plan offers provision for this legal service.

Lessen the Stress That Is Related to Your Dispute

You do not have to feel concerned about paying for legal services if your legal representative does not win the case. That kind of assurance makes it essential that you file a claim if your employment situation is no longer friendly or comfortable.

Use a Firm That Employs Mediation

Choose a legal firm that has an accredited mediator on its staff. The mediator should be able to offer a more objective and conciliatory approach in settling employment issues—a method that can be implemented whilst a client is still employed or wants to maintain a working relationship.