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Effectiveness Of Customized Welcome Mats And Automobile Floors Mats

You have probably heard it being said a hundred times; you only get one chance to make a first impression. This statement is especially true if you own a business. You must grab the customer’s attention right from the beginning. Experts suggest that people make first impressions in less than 60 seconds. This may only give you from the time the customer gets out of their car until they make it to the front door. With that said, it is vital that your business is welcoming and professional beginning at the front door.

This is true for all types of businesses, from homebuilders and auto dealers all the way to apartment communities and manufactured home builders. Custom welcome mats and automobile floor mats are a great way to make this first impression. Here is a look at just some of the benefits these mats provide.

Enhance the Look of Your Business

A nice clean welcome mat at the front entrance of your business will certainly enhance the overall look of your business. This is extremely important because a recent study showed that two-thirds of the customers polled said they have left a business because of the way it looked. While any mat would look nice, a customized welcome mat could be very attractive and draw the attention of your customers. You can purchase a mat that matches perfectly to the interior colors of your business. This will help tie the whole look of your space together. If you are a car dealer, this is also true for automobile floor mats. They can enhance the overall look of the new or used car they are placed in. You may not think that a welcome or automobile floor mat will make a big difference, but wait until you place one in your business. You will be pleasantly surprised by how professional and nice it looks, and you may even receive some customer compliments.

Promote Your Company Brand

The major benefit of a custom made welcome or automobile floor mat is that it allows you to easily promote your company brand. You can purchase a customized mat that includes your company name and logo. Many people remember visual effects and your name is more likely to stick in their mind after seeing a nice floor mat at the front door of your business or inside a car for sale. Whether you are a home builder, auto dealer, run an apartment community or are a manufactured home builder, these custom mats will look great in your business. The mats will help get the brand of your business across to the customer.

Dual Purpose

These customized welcome mats and automobile floor mats are very affordable. Plus, they serve a dual purpose. After all, you already need to purchase floor mats and welcome mats for your business, so why not promote your business at the same time. This allows you to provide the necessary mats to protect your flooring from the high foot traffic and advertise your business name and logo instantaneously. In the end, this will save you money on both supplies and promotional material by combining these costs into one product.

When purchasing your customized welcome mat or floor mat, you want to work closely with the custom rugs company to make sure you get the exact look your want. You should find a company that offers quality rugs at affordable prices. It is a good idea to work with the same company for all of your custom mats needs for your business to ensure uniformity throughout. Many companies will keep your order on record to make ordering new custom mats quick and easy.

Dan Levin – Custom Floor Mat and Rug Expert for 19 years