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Dress To Impress – Female Boardroom Fashion

Whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace, so down with boring trouser suits and scruffy jumpers, throw away those platform heels and low cut blouses; it’s time to dress like a boss.

Here are our top tips for dressing for success:

  1. It’s simple; dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Women in powerful positions dress accordingly, they don’t look scruffy or messy, they are chic and sophisticated. Dressing smartly and professionally for a position you want within the company can change how your employees perceive. Want to make it to the top? Dress for it.
  2. Wear suitable shoes that your feet will thank you for. Skyscraper heels look nice but aren’t practical when running from client meetings to lunch to corporate. Unless you have feet of steel, you’re going to want comfortable shoes to get through the day, and you don’t want to be the girl toppling over in the lobby. Pick a pair of chic flats for the day and swap them for a pair of low or medium height demure heels for evening events.
  3. Don’t flash your flesh – hemlines shouldn’t be too high and bust lines not too low. You want to be remembered for the right reasons…!
  4. Invest in classic pieces to make up the basis of your wardrobe. Classic clothing items such as a crisp white shirt, smart blazer and shift dress never go out of fashion and will make up the basis of your work wardrobe.
  5. Invest in a quality and classic handbag. You should have one handbag which will fit everything from a portfolio to a phone and a tablet in it but isn’t too bulky or big. It should be chic and subtle; an everyday classic. Make sure you keep it clean and looking smart with regular clear outs of clutter.
  6. Don’t detract from your skills with too much jewellery. Everyone is going to remember the woman who jangled her way through the weekly budget meeting but they won’t remember her for the right reasons. Make sure your skillset shines when in the boardroom, not your jewellery.
  7. Keep perfume to a minimum – you don’t want to be stinking out the meeting room. Even if you think you smell divine, it can be overpowering and distracting for everyone else in the room so keep sprays to a minimum.
  8. Keep your nails short, nicely manicured and low key. No one wants to hear long nails scratching on keyboard keys and a set of well-manicured nails demonstrates you look after yourself and take pride in your appearance. Keep colours simple and elegant, if they chip then remove the polish.
  9. The same goes for pedicures, if you are going to wear peep-toed shoes then ensure you have regular pedicures, or simply opt for nude coloured pantyhose and court shoes.
  10. Hair is another reflection of demonstrating pride in your appearance. Ensure hair is well cared for with regular trims and hair masks. During the day, keep hair out of the way with a sophisticated ponytail or French twist, and let it down in the evenings for evening client events.

This content was provided by Anna Walton from Longleat House, Safari & Adventure Park.