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Does “Cheap SEO” Really Exist?

SEO is must whether you have a web-based store or even a small app with a web component. If people cannot search your business, you’re nowhere. Then there are other things like PPC, social media, content marketing as many SEO firms have gone full-service. If you say Webryze offers affordable search engine optimization services in Canada, you’re highlighting just the one aspect of their services. Now, they offer complete search engine marketing services too.

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Going back to the point you will also spend on restructuring URLs and making small changes in your website to make it more flexible and search engine friendly. So, SEO has become broader and bigger than just link building and tagging.

The real point is, all of these efforts cost. Then what’s the point of discussing “Cheap SEO” here. Is it for real, or we’re wasting your time? You’ll know if you read below.

Cheap SEO Means….

Thinking about Cheap SEO? You must be saying there are thousands, in fact millions, of results on cheap SEO, but are they really cheap? That’s something to think about. In fact, they’re not that cheap (try getting them for few months and see for yourself).

Normally, those offering “cheap” SEO tend to put your name in the list and attack it from every angle. They include your name in every link, every content, HTML tag optimization and when the Google sends penalties, you’re the direct victim of it. By the end of the day, the one who get the pay-check goes out without getting any scratch and you become the ultimate sufferer.

The cheap SEO, that’s already not working, it won’t be cheap at all. Here, cheap SEO is the one that can help you increase your ROI on SEO per customer.

Cost of SEO

  • According to latest surveys, “Hourly SEO pricing ranges from $50 per hour up to $300+ per hour”. That sounds costly. You can use hourly payment method for small one-off projects.
  • By-project pricing for SEO has always been a safe and effective option for businesses. It can actually become a bridge between small hourly projects and a real full-time ones. By-projects are goal-oriented, result-oriented and timeframe-limited. Prices are determined on the basis of situation, but they can reach up to $1000.
  • For most companies, full time SEO seems to be the best option. Instead of counting minutes and seconds, you assign your SEO a project for a certain period and wait for the results. This kind of pricing always works when you’ve become satisfied with the service.

Stop Searching for SEO Packages

SEO packages may seem like a good solution, but then again, businesses are different and their problems are different too. Even those in similar niches tend to have separate set of issues. Then how can one get a universal solution for all problems.

So, instead of choosing a particular SEO package, talk to your SEO and discuss your issues in detail. Let him suggest the best plan and then come to the pricing stage. Those offering SEO packages may also offer guaranteed rankings or first-page appearance on Google. If you get any such offer, don’t ever accept it. It’s a sign of Low quality or black-hat SEO.

Finally – Key to Cheap SEO

Here’s a good way to shop for cheap SEO:

  • Look for the company that specialize in what you need
  • If you are confident you have the best content and design, and you need a little tweak in backlinks and tags, search the company that specialized in these areas.
  • Narrow down the search and search for the company that has already worked with the business of your size.
  • Shortlisted firms should then be scrutinized further in terms of pricing and other services.