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Distracted Driver who Killed Mother of Two in June Pleads Guilty to Charges

It is a tragic story that keeps repeating itself again. Earlier this year, thirty three year old Andrea Boeve of Steen, Minnesota, was killed in a road accident when she was out biking with her two young daughters. Last week, the man accused of killing Boeve pleaded guilty to the charges put against him. But this is an accident that could have easily avoided. Christopher Weber, the man behind the wheels of the pickup truck that hit Boeve, was allegedly on his phone doing banking when he hit the mother of two.

How important was that phone conversation?

Distracted driving leading cause of death

Distracted driving along with DUI is one of the most frequent reasons for vehicular accidents across America. Truck driving attorneys Minneapolis say that it is extremely common in drivers who drive semis or pickup trucks for long distances and who have no other way of keeping themselves interested on the road. But very often than not, somebody innocent has to pay the price for a driver’s few moments of fun.

Matt Boeve, Andrea’s bereaved husband, says that he sees drivers on the same road where his wife was killed drive by without stopping by the side of the road to take a call or send a text. He says it angers him that drivers today are so callous that they cannot put their phones down for a moment even when they know that their callous actions that potentially hurt them or somebody else on the road.

Victim was planning on extending family

Boeve, who grew up in the town of Salem, South Dakota, was a nurse practitioner at a hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She received her nursing degree in 2003 and then went to Creighton University to get a degree as a nurse practitioner.

In 2005, she was married to Matt and they both had just finished putting down the foundations for their home ten days before Andrea was killed. The Boeves were talking about having more children, and maybe even adopting one more. Matt says that Andrea was a wonderful mother and she wanted to have more children and a large family.

A loss that still hurts

On the morning of June 30th this year, Andrea was biking over to visit Matt’s mother, Ann Boeve. She had the two daughters along with her. After meeting Ann, the trio went over to see the new house they were building which is due east of their current house. They were struck while on the way, say Minneapolis truck driving accident attorneys.

Society should have no love for Weber

While Andrea was killed on the spot, the Boeve’s elder daughter – four year old Claire – suffered five broken ribs and a collapsed lung. She also had a neck injury that required a brace for weeks. Initially, Matt was not sure how bad Claire’s injuries were. He was still grieving for Andrea when he received the news of Claire’s hospital treatment. Though her injuries have now healed, Matt says that both his daughters miss their mother a lot.