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Digital Marketing In Australia – Aninternet Millionaire’ssuccess Formula – Charles Bosse

Digital Marketing in Australia is essential to making millions of dollars online.  Knowing your customers is of utmost importance to success in any industry – and many people often spend a ridiculous amount of money on this process because they try and please every single person in their business. But I want you to have a think about a really simple idea, it’s called the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule.  If you’re not sure who your perfect customer is or how to profile them, or you just simply don’t have the resources to analyse what’s going on, then just do this. 

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Take a look over the last 12 months of sales in your business, make a list of the customers that contribute to 80% of your revenue and then profile them.  I can promise you that 80% of your revenue is not coming from 80% of your clients, in most cases it’s probably coming from the top 20% of your clients.  Now here is another thought for you.  I also bet that the top 20% of your customers are the lowest maintenance customers you have.  It’s more than likely your most painful, time-consuming customers that take up most of your time are in the bottom 20% of your revenue.  I’m going to refer to this top 20% of your customers as the ‘Top 20’ and that profile of customer as the ‘Top 20 Profile’.

Think about this; if 80% of your revenue comes from only 20% of your customers then all you need to do is the market to the Top 20, build a profile that fits the Top 20 description and go for it.  The only reason you are putting up with the customers that give you grey hair and seem to complain daily and spend so little is because your marketing is failing.  The only reason you are dealing with that high maintenance, small spending customers is because you don’t have enough of the good customers.  I know this smells like pointing out the patently obvious and it is.

If you want to make millions of dollars online I’m going to let you in on my biggest secret.  Years ago I started a website, I spent about $3,000 building it.  At the time it was a lot of money, I was busy running a few other businesses at the time so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.  After about 6 months of doing SEO and running a PPC/AdWords campaign from the site, I discovered something amazing.  The average sale in dollar value from this site was about $3,000 dollars and I also discovered what sort of customer was spending the low amounts on the site as well as the profile of the customer spending far more than $3,000 dollars.  The only problem was I didn’t make many sales; it was just here and there.  Up until I had profiled my perfect customer for this site the fact that it just tricked along making the odd sale didn’t really bother me as I had other things going on.

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It was about this time that I was selling one of our businesses that I thought I really should invest more time into this website since it had great potential. I could see enormous potential, it was almost a perfect passive income; I just needed to increase my sales.  At the time, I was marketing to my local area with just one website.  I then imagined what it would be like to market to 150 local areas with 150 different websites.  I knew that doing some digital marketing in Australia would be at the foundation of this success formula, and it’s not overly complicated, you just need to invest. Logically you would think that would work right?  I woke up the next morning and registered over 150 domains and had my team start in on building 150 uniquely local websites across the country. From there we completed the SEO on all of those sites and guess what? I increased my sales by 40 times – Google does have some rules here, so tread carefully – but really it’s simple, practise on one website, learn how to make a buck and then repeat.  I still make millions from these sites.  It’s not rocket science.  Rich people for thousands of years have adopted this strategy.  It may come as a surprise to you to know that most industries have these kinds of monopolies.  Coca-Cola own a huge range of drink brands, none of us seem to mind too much.  When you are thirsty you go to the 7Eleven and buy a drink, whether it’s a Coke, vitamin water or bottled water, chances are you’re buying from Coke.

If you are making money with your website now just consider building a monopoly on the first page of Google.  Do you really want your potential customers to buy from your opposition?

Once you have done that; guess what you do with those pesky bottom 20% of your customers? Refer them to your opposition and stop wasting your resources.

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My name is Charles Bosse I help other succeed online if you want more information about this or any other digital marketing in Australia visit our website at www.internetmarketingexperts.net.au

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