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The Different Types Of Web Hosting

The companies that are referred to as the web hosts provide a selected space for their clients on their servers and along with that they also provide internet connectivity. Their services are collectively referred to as Web Hosting.

There are different kinds of web hosting like “Free Web Hosting Services” which is quite limited in terms of the services provided and has ample amounts of advertisements to support. Then there is the “Virtual dedicated Server” which is also referred to as the VPS where the resources of a particular server are segregated into a number of virtual servers. This type of hosting allocates its resources, which are based on a particular server to numerous other VPSs and this can help in the movement of the VPS containers in-between the different servers.


“Shared Web Hosting Services” the services of a particular server are shared between various websites. The services and the features of this kind of hosting are really quite basic as compared to other type of hosting but are quite cheap as compared to other types of hosting.

Then there is the “Dedicated Server Hosting” where the clients are provided with their own server completely dedicated to the client’s website. The client i.e. the user is solely responsible for the maintenance of this server and is also responsible for maintain the security of the server and this kind of hosting is quite expensive too.

“Cloud Hosting” is one of the more recent types of hosting which is to some extent is based on utility billing. In some extent this kind of hosting is reliable to a greater extent as compared to other types, as because of the fact that other hardwires can compensate for it when a particular one malfunctions. These are some of the important types of Web Hosting.

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