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Decoratively Printed Monkey Grosgrain 7/8″ Ribbon For Various Applications

Grosgrain printed ribbon is one of the wonderful inventions made for the fashion and beauty lovers. These days, printed ribbons are utilized for various purposes such as gift wrapping, complement gifts and much more. There are many numbers of animal printed grosgrain ribbon developed. Although, monkey printed grosgrain ribbons stands top among all the others because of the fun elegance. Buying a quality product of low cost in addition to numerous benefits and applications makes the buyers happy and contented. In that list, 7/8 monkey printed grosgrain ribbon servers for enormous usage. For decorating the houses, printed grosgrains seems to be highly useful. Most probably, kids like to wear animal printed ribbons in their hair.


Product description:

The printed grosgrain ribbon pair is bright in color and style with playful patterns which seems to add fun flair to your apparel, crafts, home décor projects and hair bows. Teens, Twins as well as people who are kids at heart will also admire the color combinations of this ribbon. This animal printed grosgrain ribbon-monkey is suitable for decorating cards baskets, invitations and gift boxes, memory boxes, decorating frames and hair accessories and for sewing projects. This grosgrain ribbon is available in numerous colors and styles. It is fully made of 100 percent polyester.

Product features:

  • The product is made with the 100 percent polyester grosgrain ribbon material.
  • The size of the Animal ribbon is of 7/8 inches wide with 20 yards.
  • The Animal grosgrain is finest handmade product so it offers astonishing look.
  • The products are available in white color with Swiss dots.
  • The image of the monkey is printed on the ribbon.

Product Advantage:

Printed ribbon offers embellishing and decorating look for various items of house. These animal print grosgrain ribbons are made with premium quality and it is suitable one to smarten everything ranges from tissue boxes to shower curtains and umbrellas to pillow covers. They are available with various sizes but 7/8 inch seems to the perfect choice for your requirement. Monkey ribbon printed grosgrain is highly used as a latest fashion statement these days. It is also regarded as the symbol of beautiful and bold. An animal printed grosgrain would assist you in displaying a well-built image in the society, to your friends as well as family. Moreover, animal printed grosgrain ribbon is considered as the suitable gift for everyone. You can mix and match the ribbon with other items and serve it as a beautiful gift for your loved ones. It is very adorable for people of all ages and you can wear it for any sort of wardrobes.

Product applications

The Animal monkey printed grosgrain ribbon is widely utilized for bag string, shoes, clothing underwear accessories, handcrafts, gifts packing, flower, toys, bows, shoes, wedding decoration, holiday decoration and garments.

Affordable price range:

The animal printed grosgrain ribbon is available with affordable price range. The cost of the beautiful product is only $9.99. You can easily shop the product from online so that you can get product delivered within short period of time.