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Dale Dahlin- Accidents

Being in a car accident can be one of the most terrifying and traumatic experiences of your life.  However, since car accidents are an everyday occurrence, they are often treated as no big deal by friends, family members, employers, and even the insurance companies who are supposed to make you whole.  The problem is that almost all people have been in some type of car accident, the vast majority of which result in minimal property damage and few injuries.  They may not fully comprehend the impact of a car accident with serious injuries.  However, auto accidents can be life-changing.  A car accident can result in life-changing injuries, lead to emotional problems, result in lost wages, and create financial problems that threaten your lifelong financial safety and security.

Complicating the negotiations surrounding car accidents is the fact that most personal injury victims do not understand the legal requirements surrounding car accidents.  Many people mistakenly believe that insurance companies have an obligation to care for any injuries that result from the accident.  However, insurance companies can and do negotiate in order to protect their own interests and may offer settlements that they know are inadequate to compensate you for the damages, physical, economic, and emotional, that were the result of the accident.

Lincoln area attorney Dale Dahlin has years of experience in personal injury laws and has focused on auto accidents.  He has worked as both a defense attorney for insurance companies and a plaintiff’s attorney.  This experience has helped him understand what your lifelong costs are likely to be from an accident and know how to recover for those injuries.  o schedule a consultation with Dale and see if he is the attorney to help you recover for your injuries or defend your rights, call him at 402-423-4300 or toll free at 800-261-9876, or visit him online at: http://www.daledahlin.com.