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Having A Customized Application Questionnaire To Pick The Perfect Candidate

The hiring of new employees can be a difficult and timely process for any size business. The most important thing is to make sure you find the perfect candidate that will be an asset to your business. In fact, hiring the wrong employee can be extremely costly for your business because it can cost a minimum of $3,500 per employee in turnover costs. These costs can quickly add up over time if you are not careful.

The best way to ensure you find the right candidate for your position is to narrow down potential candidates during the application process. Adding a customized application questionnaire can help your company narrow down the applicants and select the most qualified candidates for your specific position. Below is a look at how a customized application questionnaire can help your business pick the perfect candidate.

Get Everything You Need

The first benefit you will receive from an application questionnaire is the ability to require each candidate to include all the necessary attachments before submitting their application. For example, you can require that each candidate attach a cover letter, resume, references or copies of any necessary certificates or diplomas that are required for the position. This will avoid your company from being flooded with applicants who are not qualified for the position. This capability alone can save you a lot of time and resources.

Ask the Right Questions

A customized questionnaire also allows you to select several questions to ask each candidate. It is important that you use a customized questionnaire because each business is different and has different hiring requirements. This allows you to ask position-specific questions to help you narrow down the candidates who have the exact qualifications you want in an employee. You can select between multiple choice questions, questions that require a written response, or a combination of both. This may help you eliminate some candidates without going through the timely interview process.

You do want to be careful that you only ask questions on the questionnaire that you are legally allowed to ask each candidate. Some things you cannot ask include questions about an applicant’s gender, age, marital status, citizenship, or any health questions unless it pertains directly to the job. For example, you cannot ask an applicant how old they are, but you can ask them if they are over 18-years old. As long as you focus the questions specifically towards the job position you should be fine, but you can check with your attorney if you have any legal questions.

Application Tracking System

One of the best features of a customized application questionnaire is its compatibility with an application tracking system. An application tracking system can sort through the responses to your questionnaire in a matter of seconds. This is an additional resource that can greatly reduce the time you spend sorting through applications and resumes and can be more efficient at locating the ideal candidate.

You will be pleasantly surprise by how much time you will save in the hiring process by including a customized questionnaire with your online application. In addition, you will quickly and efficiently be able to narrow down all of the applicants to just those candidates that meet your specific requirements. A customized questionnaire is easy to setup and will only take a few quick steps. You can also add or adjust questions in the middle of your hiring process if necessary.