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Creed Singer’s Wife Seeks Divorce and Help for Estranged Husband

Scott Stapp, the 41 year old frontman of American rock band Creed, is headed for a divorce. Jaclyn Strapp, the singer’s estranged wife, is seeking a divorce and reportedly requested a Palm Beach County judge to have him enrolled in a substance abuse facility. According to his wife, who left their family home in October, Stapp’s drug abuse has led him to threaten to harm his family and kill himself.  A divorce would potentially spell the end of an eight year marriage with three children involved.

Concern for the family

According to Jaclyn’s divorce attorney, this is a very painful and personal issue for the family especially since she loves Scott very much. He alleges that his client has taken all the necessary steps to help Stapp seek the right treatment and will make all efforts to help him further. While the couple may battle it out in court or reach an amicable settlement, Jaclyn’s main concern are the children, for which she has asked for their privacy to be respected.

Stapp reacts on Facebook

Meanwhile, Stapp has been active on Facebook, posting videos denying any use of drugs or alcohol although he does mention that he is financially in the doldrums. In one of his videos, Stapp claims to have no option but to resort to public statements online since he isn’t getting any help from law enforcement or even local attorneys.

He hoped that people would realize that these were all rumors. The videos have recently been deleted while Stapp went on to post a statement saying he was stepping back and was going to let God take control. The singer regretted having made the videos and to allowing his emotions and frustration to take control.

Was the public meltdown necessary?

Stapp’s recent public meltdown has had his son Jagger Stapp and Creed band mates share their concern on social medial. In response to the videos, his teenage son tweeted that Stapp had been on a 9 week binge and was confused why his father chose drugs over his family. Jagger said his father was in need of help but refused to get it.

However, Scott Stapp begs to disagree and maintains that he is clean and has been undergoing weekly drug tests to prove it. On the contrary, he claims to have lost millions of dollars in financial fraud for which he has set up a Facebook page to garner crowd-funding support of as much as $480,000 for a new solo album and novel.

According to Jaclyn’s divorce attorney, the papers filed by his client are in stark contrast to what the singer claims. The latter’s fans are more concerned about his well-being and aren’t too happy about why Creed’s social media pages are being used as a voice for Stapp. According to the band’s lead guitarist, the group’s label have given him the password to the band’s Facebook account. Bass man Brian Marshall reassures fans that the band has reached out to the troubled singer and will have their support if need be. Creed sold more than 40 million albums in the 1990s.