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Costs of Pipes Made of Copper and Steel

In case you had a recent survey performed by professionals indicating that simple replacement lining or patch job will not prove to be sufficient for the well-being of your house, then it may be best if you try to have little pipe-work replacement done as soon as possible. In fact, it may be pretty necessary to completely overhaul the primary drainage system. Note that this scenario is almost unavoidable if the house you live in is actually an old house having terrace or is an old country manor that was built a long time ago.

Further, if you are one of those DIY enthusiasts and want to do all the plumbing or heating jobs regarding replacement by yourself, you need to think twice! The thing is, such types of jobs are not really ideal for DIY projects. These types of jobs are not only pretty tricky to get a hold of, but are risky as well to a considerable extent. Hence, if you decide to proceed to get some replacement done after all, get an expert plumber who has good trainings, required skills and fine qualifications at the very least. Besides, since a plumber will have all the different equipments required for the job already, there will be less hassle involved.

Costs of Steel and Copper Pipes

The final cost of pipes involved can rarely be calculated to an exact amount before practically getting the job done. However, it is perfectly possible to at least have an average idea in mind. Although different contractors or suppliers will normally quote different pipe costs, on an average, considering that the house in question has 4 bedrooms and is semi-detached, complete overhaul of pipe-work will cost £20,117 if you make use of steel pipes and £13,945 if you decide to go for pipes made of copper.

You need to understand that your final expense will be much lower if you do not need an entire pipe-work replacement. If the issues you have in hand are only minor ones, and all you really need is slight portions of pipe replacement done, you do not need to worry about costs too much. Further, note that in such a case, going for the DIY route may prove to be the better option.

As far as buying the pipes go, you can contact a good local shop. On an average, for a pipe made of copper that has 3 meters of length and 15mm diameter, you will have to spend £2.66. If the pipe in question comes with a diameter of 22mm, you can expect to pay around £5.34. The same length of pipe will cost you £6.72 if your requirement is 28mm diameter.

One thing important to notice is the price difference between stainless steel pipes and copper pipes. Normally, stainless steel pipes cost little more than copper ones, as the material has more sturdiness and better erosion resilience compared to copper.

The point is, when you encounter this type of a job, you must decide whether you want to go for the professional route or the DIY route. Whatever you choose, make sure you know what you are doing. That way, you can be sure of the fact that you will have peace of mind!