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The Controversial Business Of Buying Followers On Twitter

There is a concept of buying followers and this business is not that small or rare as it sounds. The mind blowing facts are that, this business is of several million dollars and if we believe data released by Google then every month there are more than 70,000 searches of keyword “buy twitter followers” and more than 130,000 for the keyword “buy followers”. The followers can be bought on numerous websites like FreshFollers.net.

The cons of buying followers

This controversial strategy or practise has been given this height and boon by the new ventures and the celebrities who need higher numbers of followers to prove their dominance and popularity in the market. The followers bought in this business are mostly fake or they could be tricky illusions. If we discuss the cons of buying followers then we will come to know that this is a very controversial business. There are very high chances that you might end up with wasting your valuable time and even more your valuable money. Yes there are cheats and fake companies out there promising you to sell hundreds of followers and at the end you will find that all they got you are fake accounts. These fake accounts can backfire with littering your account with nasty or useless comments.

Another con of this buying of followers is that you may lose the bought followers with time. So in case you are buying the followers then try to buy it from legitimate websites which guarantee 100% retention of the followers and has options of redelivering you lost followers.

The pros of buying followers

Apart from these cons there are various pros of this concept of buying twitter followers. The buying of followers will boost up your morals and keep you motivated. It give a boost to your self-esteem and you feel more confident knowing that there are a wider number of people following you, your every post, and your life. For the new companies or brands in order to get the trust of the people, buying followers is a good step. With more number of people following your brand, it becomes easier for people to put their trust upon you.

Getting new followers

It is the general human tendency to stick to the majority. If we see a huge fan following of a celebrity or a brand then we too start following them blindly thinking that there must be some good in them which got so many people following them. This step of buying followers got them indirectly new followers. It is a very widely practised market strategy that almost every PR firm practises for marketing.

Buying followers on twitter is now nothing new to the world and it has established itself as a business now. We may ponder over their pros and cons but people who are involved in this business are continuously making money. This is surely a controversial business, but this is a widely practised now. People have accepted this as a marketing strategy and they are no more hesitating in getting benefits from it. If you too are considering it, then just make sure you go for some reliable website that sells legitimate followers to you.