Monterey is one of the more beautiful cities in California. However, the city does have a problem with drunk drivers. In 2012 alone, there were more than 10,000 DUI fatalities in the state of California. A few of the recent accidents have resulted national headlines and horrified comments from people all over America. One of the more recent accidents happened on October 30th, 2014 when a local construction worker was crushed by a DUI driver.

Construction Worker Killed on the Spot

51-year-old Jesus Fernandez was conducting traffic on the Monterey-Salinas Highway construction zone located east of the Corral de Tierra Road. As the project was going on late into the night, Fernandez was directing traffic around the construction area to prevent problems. Officials say that a 1999 Mercedez-Benz driven by Adam Zubiate rammed into Fernandez and crushed him.

Nice Car, Stupid Driver

The Benz was being driven at very high speed and Zubiate appeared unable to control the speeding car. After the accident, Zubiate tried to flee the scene. In fact, he continued to drive for about half a mile before he came to a stop. Police personnel say that Zubiate would have decamped but witnesses on the spot prevented him from leaving and stayed on site until the authorities arrived. Local police personnel arrested Zubiate immediately on suspicion of DUI and booked him into Monterey County Jail. Although test results are pending, on-site police officials believed Zubiate to be intoxicated and high on a stimulant like methamphetamine or cocaine.

Strike-and-Drive Accidents Common?

Although this incident is horrifying, it is not the only one that happened state local accident attorney Monterey California firms. On March 3rd 2014, a Temple City driver smashed his Ferrari into a Hyundai Sedan. The Temple City driver died on the spot and his passenger was critically injured. The Hyundai driver also suffered major injuries and is in critical condition.

The most surprising thing about the accident was that both cars appeared to be moving at high speeds at the time of the accident. Although details are not known, it is suspected that both drivers were intoxicated leading to the accident in the early hours of morning. The Ferrari, in particular, was brand new and had not yet been fitted with its official license plates.

Measures Being Taken to Safeguard Citizens

These may be just two accidents but they have caused local citizens to sit up and ask for action. The resulting hue-and-cry has resulted in Monterey County District Attorney’s Office taking active steps to prevent drunken driving. They’ve increased local patrolling, increased fines, and they also penalize repeat offenders with the harshest penalties possible.

However, this does require considerable financial support and manpower. Thankfully, the California Office of Traffic Safety has encouraged these local measures and they have sanctioned a grant of $404,925. The bulk of these funds will be used to strengthen the DUI prosecution team. The team will work cases from arrest to sentencing and ensure that repeat offenders are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.