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How To Control Domestic Violence

Violence in the family represents a violation of the fundamental rights of а person. Domestic violence represents an abuse of the power in the relations based on inequality in the framework of a family community and is determined as a sum of conduct in order to establish control over others through the use of force, by fearing and manipulating the victim. Go to passi & patel for more. As usual, violence in the family implies continuous application of physical and psychological force directed from and to the members of the family, and it is manifested through the following forms: psychological, physical, sexual and economic violence.


Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon and it probably existed since ancient times. Some researches reveals that the victim of domestic violence are women, children and elderly. The consequences of exposure to violence are very numerous and have an important impact on the mental health of those who are directly exposed, but also to those who are indirect victims of domestic violence. The consequences are: Low self – esteem, tension, depression, aggression, suicide attempt, dependence, instability in the relations with the partner, reduced working operation and so on.

However, domestic violence is something that the society should be worried about. For example, a survey conducted in the US demonstrated that the Centers for domestic violence receive an average of 16 calls in minutes. Domestic violence is an epidemic of the world scale, and is present in all cultural, economic and social groups. However, because a large number of cases are not being reported, there is no doubt that the situation is much worse than we what we know.

How can a person be so inhuman, particularly with his/ her spouse? Can this change, can a person change?

Why do some women decide to stay with their violent husband? One of the many reasons is the fact that they are afraid that they will be more harassed. Some men threaten their wives that will injure, or even kill them if they try to escape. Most of the women decide to stay.

Another reason why some women decide to stay with their violent husband is the fact that they are afraid that friends and relatives will condemn them because they do not believe that the situation is so bad.

Here are also some other reasons:

They want their children to grow with both parents,

They are afraid that they will not be have enough finances to support their children or themselves,

They blame themselves for that situation,

They are ashamed to admit that they are being harassed,

Hope that the situation will improve.

These poor victims keep waiting for the situation to get better, but the reality is that it won’t get better. These violent people never change. It will only become worse over time. Harassed people must be brave enough to report that kind of situation and finally be free from that terror. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

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