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How Companies Can Brand Their Business More Effectively

Businesses can spend a considerable amount of money creating a brand that stands out from the crowd; advertising and marketing aspects especially. However, when it comes to branding there must be a sudden association with a company and the best brands can be identified by customers through the simplest elements; font and colour e.g. Ikea. Most people can identify Ikea’s brand as yellow and blue and can pretty much visualize the look of the brand when the name is mentioned.

So, once a brand has been established, the where and how to market the brand comes into play. In terms of where to market the brand there are several channels to choose from including, the Internet (including, social media), T.V, Radio etc. Depending on the business you’re in and the target market, some forms of advertising and marketing will work better than others.

But, what if the business is looking to brand their image slightly differently to others in their industry? As an example, a construction company wants to stand out from others or expand their brand image and one way to do this would be to not only brand their clothing/uniforms, but also accessories such as hard hats.

Branding Accessories

Branding accessories can go a long way to creating the brand that you are trying to portray to others; potential and existing customers. It’s all in the small detail and not just your online and off-line presence; a brand must look the same across all marketing channels. Don’t chop and change a brand through a range of marketing platforms, as this will only create confusion.

Hard Hats

Branding hard hats is a great way to stand out from the competition and will help a business to be portrayed by others as more professional, which in turn should give a competitive edge. Make sure the branding of the hard hat is in-line with the rest of your brand through using the same colour scheme, font style and logo (if the business has one). There are several ways to do so, including, choosing a hard hat that reflects the colour of the brand and designing a sticker with the logo and font that is the same.

If a sticker is used on a hard hat, make sure that the sticker will show up clearly on the hard hat, as sometimes the sticker needs to be transparent in order for the logo and font to show up clearly on the hard hat.


First and foremost, work uniforms should be protective; however, this does not mean that the clothing cannot be part of the branding. The most common way to brand work wear uniform in-line with a businesses’ own branding is through colour scheme and logo embroidery.

There are additional ways to brand a business on the work clothing including logo printing. Logo printing is more flexible than embroidery; logo printing can be as big or as small as you wish, whereas an embroidery logo is often very small and difficult to see although still look very smart and professional.

The way in which a safetywear uniform is branded by a business depends upon the individual business, but is a very important choice to make.