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How College Students Can Stay Fit For Free

It’s easy to pack on the infamous “Freshman 15” and pack some extra pounds during the first year of college or university. Most students have their hands full with challenging classes along with extracurricular activities in addition to a busy social life leaving little time for exercising. Contrary to popular belief, working out isn’t just about aesthetics and looking good. Being fit generally means more energy which can translate to being more alert during classes and improved well-being. Some students may feel that a gym membership is too expensive or that they don’t have enough time to work out. Fact is that you don’t have to break the bank to get fit. Here are some tips to help you keep fit with limited space, equipment and money.

Body Weight Exercises Are A Student’s Best Friend

Body weight exercices include push ups, pull ups and dips. If you are on a really tight budget you can go to the park and do pull ups for free; most parks will have bars that you can use to pull yourself up and back down. There are three type of pull ups; chin ups, wide grip pull ups and neutral grip. The easiest way to learn how to do a pull up is to do a “negative” or the eccentric part of the motion. Simply jump up and lower yourself down as slow as possible and repeat for a few times. Eventually you will be able to do one. If you have a limited budget or prefer working out at home you may choose to purchase a pull up bar to hang in your doorway and do a pull-up every time you walk under it.

Push ups are another great exercise that don’t require a lot of space; you can do them in the smallest of dorm rooms. Another variation is the “diamond push up” where you place your hands together in the form of a triangle instead of shoulder width; this move targets the triceps. Bench dips can be performed using a chair or a sturdy coffee table.

Walk Around Campus

The easiest way to burn off some calories is to walk. Most college students end up walking quite a bit from class to class. If you drive consider walking to places such as the grocery store instead. Biking is another option for students who want to burn some extra calories.

Free Online Workouts

Looking for free exercise ideas and routines but don’t have the money for a gym membership? Youtube (http://www.youtube.com) offers numerous fitness channels that are free and offer home workouts. Some utilize body weight while others may use dumbells or resistance bands. These workouts are convenient because you can do them any time in the comfort of your own apartment or dorm at no cost.

Pick Up A Sport

Just about every college has a tennis court and basketball courts that are available for student use. If you need sporting equipment, local Craigslist listings can be a good source for affordable items. Why not have some fun with your friends while burning calories at the same time? Staying fit and active is even more crucial for students who attend an online college (such as http://www.trident.edu). Consider joining a local sport league and make some new friends while you stay fit. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with exercise if its something they enjoy.

Written by Jacqueline Star – Author who enjoys life and writing interesting and thoughtful articles.