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Choosing a Wedding Dress

Besides the rings, your wedding dress is likely to be the most important thing that you wear on your wedding day. Your wedding dress is going to be the signature statement piece in nearly every photo you put in your scrapbook, so making sure you get it just right is very important. Though it may seem as simple as going to the bridal shop and picking out your favorite style, choosing a wedding dress will likely prove to be the most challenging stage of planning your wedding. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you get the perfect look that falls within your budget.

Put the Dress First

You want to make sure that your wedding dress and your wedding theme work well together, so deciding which will take precedence is very important. Though many brides choose their theme first and select a wedding dress to match, doing it the other way around will be a quicker task because you can have your pick of any dress you like and choose your decoration colors and style to match. By putting your wedding dress first, you are certain to love every aspect rather than needing to compromise once you choose a theme.

Keep it Simple

Most brides will choose a handful of different dresses and then narrow their choice down to one through a process of elimination. To save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your wedding, it is a very good idea to only select three or four choices to choose between. If you have too many options or a variety of dresses that are drastically different in their colors or style, coming to a final choice will be a nightmare and often times a bride will end up second-guessing their final decision.

Choose a Practical Design

Being wise in your dress decision may prove to be just as important as choosing the look you like the best. Sometimes the best way to accomplish this feat is to bring along a very trusted friend to help you think of all the variables that your wedding dress needs to have. First off, you will want something that is durable rather than flimsy and dainty so you don’t have to hang out at your reception with a torn dress. Also, you will want it to be comfortable since you’re likely going to spend the whole evening dancing in your wedding dress. Thinking of all the details that go along with the style of your dress is a great way to ensure you won’t regret the choice you’ve made.